Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2024 – British Columbia

    Meet the 2024 Canada's Top Fitness Trainers - British Columbia

    Once again, after months of anticipation, we are proud to present to you Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2024.

    This is our seventh year recognizing some of the best in our industry from across Canada. Each summer nominations go live for you to nominate your favourite personal trainer, or group exercise instructor (alternating years) who has excelled in their profession, and contributed to the health and well-being of others. This year did not disappoint—every single nominee deserves recognition and we have highlighted them all below.

    Nominees were scored by merit and equally across the board. This included areas such as education, certifications and accreditations, years in the industry, philanthropy and community service. Additional questions included ‘their why’ and personal fitness philosophies which were ‘blind-scored’ by our professional, expert panelists who spent many hours reading these inspirational stories. What has never been part of the scoring criteria is how many social media followers one has, or how many nominations one received.

    Fitness trainers have a wealth of education and expertise to share, but above all they are genuinely passionate about helping others live their healthiest lives. Every trainer has an inspiring story to tell, and has given back to their community in a unique  and positive way.

    Congratulations, our deepest respect and recognition goes out to all nominees this year—we celebrate you! Thank you for your passion and dedication.

    Sean Allt
    Photo by Todd Duncan

    SEAN ALLT | 38

    Owner of Backcountry Strength, Chilliwack, B.C.

    With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Sean Allt has found a unique niche that draws clients with adventurous spirits. “Whether you’re preparing for your very first venture into the backcountry, getting ready for the upcoming ski season, gearing up for a world-class bucket list adventure, or anything in between, I can help ensure you’ve got the strength, endurance, and mental skills to be successful on your quest,” he says. For anywhere life takes them, Sean’s goal is to empower his clients with the skills, tools and habits
    they need to lead a fulfilling life of adventure.

    Photo by Barry Calhoun


    Owner of Fit Integrated Wellness Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C.
    Instagram - Website

    With two decades in the fitness industry, Jesse Benson aims to accommodate all clients’ needs, from creating 30-minute personal training sessions to offering online coaching, and now, leading an integrated health and fitness facility. “My life is devoted to personal training, with a belief in making clients’ needs the ‘North Star’ of decision-making,” he says. “Elevating our industry isn’t about new trends—it’s about mastering the fundamentals and prioritizing comprehensive client care.”

    “My career embodies holistic well-being, emphasizing strength, resilience and lasting positive change.”

    Photo by Jen Knechtel


    Trainer at House of Trainers, Port Coquitlam, B.C.
    Instagram - Facebook

    Cassidy Carson is dedicated to helping members of her community build strength and self-esteem through fitness. Undergoing a transformative experience of her own, Cassidy found confidence and empowerment through exercise—something that comes full circle in the volunteer work she does to create an educational, safe space for high school girls as she guides them through workouts. “When my clients enter the gym, whether it be for the first time or the hundredth time, I aim to provide them with a training session that simultaneously builds their strength and self-esteem,” she says.

    “As a trainer, I get so much satisfaction from seeing growth in both my clients’ strength and confidence.”

    Photo by Scott Kuo


    Owner of Hannah Fitness, Vancouver, B.C.
    Instagram - Facebook

    Hannah Fletcher’s training style is all about positivity through self-compassion, healthy nourishment, encouragement and connection. “When clients make progress with their physical well-being, their self-assurance flourishes, helping them believe that they are capable of attaining even greater aspirations in their lives,” she says. “I’m always in their corner, rooting for them 24/7.”

    “I coach others with the realization that anything is possible for each and every one of us; we can fuel our determination and resilience, and ultimately shape the trajectory of our lives.”

    Photo by Ben Owens


    Owner of Function Health Club, Port Coquitlam, B.C.
    Instagram - Website

    Morgan Hodge’s approach to training focuses on the transformative power of physical activity combined with emotional and psychological healing. A speaker and author in the fitness industry, his methods aren’t just about achieving physical results—he’s concerned with empowering his clients to overcome any obstacle. “I am committed to guiding each individual through their unique wellness journey, making physical training a conduit for deeper, holistic healing and personal development,” he says.

    “My holistic approach focuses on using movement as a healing tool, especially for individuals impacted by trauma.”

    Photo by Ronald Lee


    Owner of West Coast Conditioning, Vancouver, B.C.
    Instagram - Website

    Catherine King has been in the fitness industry since 2003, and she believes that whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, reducing
    aches and pains or improving performance, physical activity is beneficial for everyone. “My mission is to motivate, educate, and change people’s lives,” she says. “I incorporate research-based knowledge and experience to light the path for clients to follow towards a healthy, happy life.”

    “I became a fitness trainer for the love of movement and to share that love of movement with others.”


    Trainer at Rebound Sport and Spine, Langley, B.C.
    Instagram - Facebook

    Rafal Matuszewski believes that movement isn’t just motion—it’s medicine. “The key to elevating life quality for many grappling with pain lies in the simplicity of movement itself,” he says. His approach? Starting from the ground up. “I coach patients and clients by establishing foundational movement patterns before pushing the limits.”

    “For me, exercise stands as a beacon—an unparalleled tool to uplift individuals both physically and mentally, enriching
    their lives profoundly.”

    Photo by Amy Russell

    AMY RUSSELL | 36

    Trainer at Function Health Club, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

    Instagram - Facebook

    Amy Russell brings over a decade of experience to her career, and while her background is rooted in martial arts and wrestling, it’s the impact she makes beyond the confines of the gym that keep her clients coming back for more. “My approach to training is holistic, encompassing not just the physical, but also the mental and emotional aspects of well-being,” she says. “Through compassionate coaching, I help my clients build not only their physical capabilities, but also their mental fortitude, creating a harmonious balance that extends well beyond the gym.”

    “I help clients tap into their inner strength, unlock their potential and embrace a life brimming with vitality, self-assurance, and endless possibilities.”


    Owner of F.I.T. Academy, Port Coquitlam, B.C.
    Instagram - Website

    In Scott Salling’s career, he’s had the opportunity to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including those recovering from surgery, cancer survivors, major weight-loss transformations and budding athletes preparing for sports scholarships. But the aspects that set him apart from the competition have little to do with physical feats; rather, he’s firm in his responsibility as a leader. “As a personal trainer, I do not believe this is a position of authority, but one of leadership,” he says. “Paying our knowledge and experience forward to up-and-coming fitness professionals as well as our clients, I believe is the foundation of building trust.”

    “Establishing the trust of our clients and creating a healthy and inspiring work environment for our professionals is what matters most.”

    Photo by DR. Tyler Garnhamt

    PJ WREN | 54

    Owner of Fitness with PJ, Tsawwassen, B.C.
    Instagram - Website

    PJ Wren’s mission is to empower women over 40 to be fit and fierce—and it’s working. She’s grown her YouTube reach to over 100,000 subscribers and has even created a fitness app specifically for this demographic. “I’ve experienced the struggle between societal expectations and aging gracefully firsthand,” she says. “This realization has led me to develop a deep understanding of how we can all navigate the aging process with poise, power and a strong sense of individuality.”

    “I’m dedicated to reminding women that age doesn’t define their strength.”

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