Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2024 – East

    Meet the 2024 Canada's Top Fitness Trainers - East

    Once again, after months of anticipation, we are proud to present to you Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2024.

    This is our seventh year recognizing some of the best in our industry from across Canada. Each summer nominations go live for you to nominate your favourite personal trainer, or group exercise instructor (alternating years) who has excelled in their profession, and contributed to the health and well-being of others. This year did not disappoint—every single nominee deserves recognition and we have highlighted them all below.

    Nominees were scored by merit and equally across the board. This included areas such as education, certifications and accreditations, years in the industry, philanthropy and community service. Additional questions included ‘their why’ and personal fitness philosophies which were ‘blind-scored’ by our professional, expert panelists who spent many hours reading these inspirational stories. What has never been part of the scoring criteria is how many social media followers one has, or how many nominations one received.

    Fitness trainers have a wealth of education and expertise to share, but above all they are genuinely passionate about helping others live their healthiest lives. Every trainer has an inspiring story to tell, and has given back to their community in a unique  and positive way.

    Congratulations, our deepest respect and recognition goes out to all nominees this year—we celebrate you! Thank you for your passion and dedication.

    Photo by Gord Weber


    Owner of Sweat Inc. and Founder of Activate Academy, Ottawa, ON

    Since 1999, Connie Beaulieu has influenced thousands of lives through training. She develops efficient, effective and sustainable programs for her clients that motivate them to find their “inner athlete.” “I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as possible realize that fitness training and lifestyle management will give them the strength and energy they need to experience a life filled with joy and fulfillment—a high-performing life,” she says.

    Photo by Melanie Hillock


    Online and In-Home Trainer. Innisfil, ON
    Instagram - Facebook

    Paul Galloro’s integrative approach to fitness includes four pillars: preventative health, nervous system regulation, emotional intelligence and community. “My vision is to see fitness spaces move beyond ‘shaping bodies,’” he says, noting that his style of training comes from a place of compassion. To drive home his message and to ignite more opportunities for conversation in the fitness community, he’s cofounded a networking group that celebrates successes and discusses the challenges of working in a post-pandemic world.

    “I am a fellow member of the community who, through observation and connection, facilitates an experience that will help clients heal their heart, nurture their soul and align with their best self.”

    Photo by Derek Lewis


    Lifestyle Coach and Trainer at Soul Fuel Fitness, Toronto, ON

    With two decades of experience in the fitness industry, Magdalena Kordiuk creates trauma-informed programs to help her clients build strength from the inside out. “I believe in developing a client’s connection to their innate strength and abilities to cultivate resilience and facilitate a better relationship with their bodies and themselves,” she says. An advocate for holistic wellness, this plant-based trainer transforms the fitness landscape through self-empowerment and agency, but most of all, fun.

    “I train my clients to lift heavy with a goal of feeling powerful, healthy and happier or more at peace than when they arrived.”

    Photo by Traci Isenberg

    NICKY NOCK | 44

    Co-owner of the Nock Academy, Stouffville, ON

    Originally from the U.K., Nicky Nock’s mission is to elevate fitness industry standards and inspire others, whether that’s through a session, a course or simply a thought-provoking conversation. “I became a fitness trainer to help inspire people to find their self-respect and unleash their potential,” she says. But for Nicky, she knows that she’s just the catalyst—it’s really her clients who make great moves. “I just create the workout and push the buttons—it’s them who create the magic.”

    “ Being a great coach means being astute to changes and adapting when required. “



    Owner of Kat International Fitness, Toronto, ON
    Instagram - Website

    After successfully managing hypothyroidism and its complications, Kat Ostroumova now dedicates her life to helping women through their own hormonal imbalances. “These women aren’t only my clients, but they have also served as an inspiration to other women, including myself,” she says. “Between the personal results from my own journey, equipping myself with the knowledge and education I needed and fully embracing empathy and selflessness, I found my true passion and calling.”

    “To be an effective fitness and wellness coach, I strongly believe that it must be rooted in empathy and selflessness.”

    Photo by Taryn Day


    Owner of Offbeat Fitness, Sable River, NS
    Instagram - Website

    To Trevor Pickett, fitness equals freedom—and it’s that sentiment that informs how he trains his clients. “I want to help people have the freedom to see and enjoy all that life has to offer for as long as possible,” he says. “Whether that’s having the freedom to play with their grandkids without pain or to be able to see beautiful things along a hiking trail.” Trevor gives back to the fitness community by mentoring other trainers through master training as well as virtual office hours to encourage conversations.

    “Helping people enjoy exercise and feel great about themselves is what being a trainer is all about to me.”

    Photo by Stiva Sinanan


    Trainer at All Access Fitness and Soul Fuel Fitness, Toronto, ON
    Instagram - Facebook

    Stiva Sinanan describes his life’s purpose as leaving a legacy of positivity in the world, something he achieves through his inclusive, accessible and mindful approach to fitness. “If I can help someone move their body with confidence in a way that allows them the freedom to reach their fullest potential, then I feel I have been successful,” he says. An advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Stiva often fundraises and provides fitness programming in support of these causes.

    “It’s not about before and after photos, it’s about before and after feelings, accomplishments and realized potential.”

    Photo by Hannah Zoe Davison


    Owner of Fitness in Place, Toronto, ON
    Instagram - Website

    Vyshnavi Sivakumaran’s powerlifting background inspires her clients to feel their strongest, and she uses her position to advocate for those who may experience barriers in accessing health and fitness. She aims to create inclusive, body-neutral programs in a safe and non-competitive environment. “My philosophy is to provide fitness access and community to all bodies, no matter the skill level, size, or income level,” she says.

    “My biggest accomplishment in recent years is simply being myself: a dark-skinned, curvy, woman of colour. Representation matters
    in the fitness industry. ”

    Photo by Dave Laus


    Online Trainer, Toronto, ON
    Instagram - Facebook

    Matthew Taub combines his expertise in fitness with the lessons he learned on his own journey to sobriety to take an empathetic approach to training his clients. “My philosophy is that everyone has a day one,” he says. “We can have multiple day ones. As long as you keep coming back, we can get you the results you want, together.” Matthew also volunteers his time to produce fitness programs tailored towards those in recovery.

    “I work tirelessly to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues, promoting open conversations and creating safe spaces for all.”

    Photo by GJ Thompson Photography


    Owner of Hive Muskoka, Muskoka, ON
    Instagram - Website

    Fyonna Vanderwerf is a trainer with big ambitions. In her training, she promotes inclusivity, supports clients with sensitive backgrounds through specialized certifications and is growing her facility to become Muskoka’s only medical wellness centre. “Why think small?” she asks. “I’ve created a whole coaching mindset that combines equity, community, fun and collaborative engagement with an energy that activates excitement.”

    “It’s part of my values and beliefs to make the world a better place.”

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