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Inca Trail or Lares Trek?

Peru’s heavenly choices to reach Machu Picchu.
Mayfair Diagnostics

Mayfair Diagnostics

Combining cutting-edge imaging technology & compassionate human care.
Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Think Victoria… Marathon!

Experience an official Canada 150 event this Thanksgiving!
Western Laser Eye Associates

Western Laser Eye Associates

A clear choice for better vision care.

Golden Ultra brings out the Blood Sweat and Tears

3-day stage race quickly becoming a Canadian classic
Red Tree Wellness

Red Tree Wellness

Health for today, vitality for life.
2017 Medical Champions

2017 Medical Champions

A look at top local doctors and medical industry professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty in giving extraordinary care. Your passport to better health begins here.
Village Orthodontics

Village Orthodontics

It takes a Village to deliver healthy smiles.
South Trail Crossing Dental

South Trail Crossing Dental

Dentistry that puts a human touch in patient care.

Train Like a Circus Aerialist at CircoFit

Futurpreneur Canada helps young people between the ages of 18-39 start a business.
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Expedition Race

An Adventure of a Lifetime: Canada’s Toughest Race

Discover how Expedition Canada is bringing the exciting world of adventure racing back to one of the most beautiful and formidable places in western Canada.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro – taking wearables to the next level

Health and fitness monitoring is a prime feature of this new smartwatch.
InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer

InBody at Home

Chart your health and fitness goals accurately with InBody’s at-home products.
New Balance Run Specialty Canada Hero

Outdoor Running Motivation Check

Tips on running outdoors in the colder weather.
AOR Production

AOR – providing safe, evidence-based health care supplements

The Calgary nutraceutical company is an innovator in natural health products putting the needs of the consumer first.