One on One Personal Fitness

One on One Personal Fitness

If you need someone in your corner for life, call Sandra Bueckert.

“I am a fan of the underdog,” says the owner and head trainer at One On One Personal Fitness in Calgary. “I’ve been the underdog and I relate to the real struggles people face because I’ve been through them.”

Sandra had her first child by Caesarean section at 29, then watched her award-winning bodybuilder shape soar to more than 200 pounds inside a 46-inch waist.

At 36, Sandra had her second emergency C-section, this time a son born seven weeks premature. Then her mother passed away and Sandra went through a painful divorce. Through it all, she fought back, returning to competitive bodybuilding and thriving.

“I am every woman. I have lived a life of success and tragedy. Fitness for me is a means to resiliency and self-sufficiency,” she says. “If I subtracted the role that fitness has played in my life, I would not have made it.”

Sandra is a conduit to help people get their lives back on track. “They think they are training to develop physical strength, but it’s really mental strength that people build,” she says. “We work with all shapes, sizes and ages, but I love working with the ones who want to fight aging every step of the way.”

Sandra’s passion is trashing the barriers that people feel they can’t overcome.

“I make a difference and that’s the high and the hook. Our trainers care,” she says.

Each client will meet with Sandra for a free hour-long health and fitness assessment. If the goals and connections are right, an individualized program is established.

In the gym, you’ll hear Sandra urging her clients on to, “One more rep, two more reps,” even when they believe they’ve given their all.

“I push because life will push back. Every rep to failure etches on a client’s mind that they’re capable of more than they thought,” Sandra says. “You are capable of more than you tell yourself, too. When you’re going through hell, come to One On One. We understand.”

One on One Personal Fitness

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