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Dr. Traj Nibber
Dr. Traj Nibber

When you have a migraine, are you programmed to head straight for the ibuprofen? Does it work? Dr. Traj Nibber, founder and CEO at Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), is here to let you know there are carefully formulated natural alternatives.

“I believe that natural health products can work as well as pharmaceuticals, while also being safe,” says the trained pharmacist. “I want to challenge the status quo by formulating innovative products that deliver noticeable results and lead to vibrant health.”

Founded in 1991, AOR has grown to be one of Canada’s most respected natural health supplement brands. Prior to founding AOR, Dr. Nibber led Canada’s first buyers club for AIDS patients looking to purchase nutritional supplements to boost weakened immune systems. Surprised by the lack of access to supplements, he developed formulas for these patients based on scientific research.

In the years that followed, Dr. Nibber continued to deliver innovative products. AOR has introduced numerous nutraceuticals to North America including strontium citrate for bone health, Vitamin K2 to reduce arterial calcification, R lipoic acid to prevent diabetic complications and more.

Dr. Nibber credits these firsts to AOR’s emphasis on research.

“All of our formulas are based on published research,” he says. “AOR is the industry leader in clinical trials. At the moment, we have 29 trials with universities across the globe.”

Research allows AOR to source quality raw materials, determine the right dosage, identify the parts of a plant that should be used and the appropriate delivery system. The company engages in rigorous quality control of all its products.

“We ensure that every capsule contains what the label says it does — even the micronutrients,” says Dr. Nibber. “We want to make sure capsules don’t have too little, or too much, of one ingredient.”

Thanks to its focus on innovation, collaboration and quality control, Canadians have embraced AOR and natural health products. Next time you get a headache, will you consider a natural alternative?

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