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10 ways to exercise during your work day. Read more

Get Active

Alberta Blue Cross

Photo: Alberta Blue Cross

Building balance into the lives of Albertans with a new preventative wellness program. Read more

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Does garlic do more than add great flavour? Read more

Healthy Eating

6 tips for maintaining heart health. Read more


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Health & Wellness

See how your community measures up. Read more

Healthy Spaces

Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

Photo: Jenia Kos

Underneath a high-performance athletes’ mental and physical attributes which may be monitored, assessed and measured in the training and competition environment, is an often ignored and golden opportunity to improve performance. Read more

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If No Pain, No Gain Becomes No Gym

Photo: Quinten Hauck

What to do if no pain, no gain becomes no gym. Read more

Sports Medicine

Eating whole plant foods to support optimal performance. Read more

, Healthy Eating

Re-evaluate your goals for better fitness results. Read more


Yoga Has Your Back

Photo: Paul Zizka

6 ways to support your spine health. Read more

Get Active

Power foods that prevent chronic disease & cancer. Read more

Healthy Eating

Flip Back Into Fitness

Photo: Brian Buchsdruecker

Start a new routine this fall! Read more


All back pain has a cause. Read more

Sports Medicine

Time for Core SHREDDING

Photo: Sewari Campillo

Bear crawls, tuck jumps & more to heat up your furnace. Read more


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5 easy ways to stabilize your moods & improve digestion. Read more

Healthy Eating

This salad is full of healthy fats, antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C. Read more


Prenuvo whole body MRI screening is currently available only at AIM Medical Imaging in Vancouver, BC. Read more

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