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Happy Down Below

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What your penis can tell you about your overall health. more

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Researchers believe intense fitness sessions can eliminate need for invasive treatments. more

Health & Wellness

Clinical findings confirm that MSPrebiotic® helps promote a healthier gut more

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Plant-based clean protein is key to thriving in health. more

Healthy Eating

Exercise may give you a bigger boost than you realize. more

Sports Medicine

Even fit people need to know their risk of cardiovascular disease. more

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Health and Love

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Understanding the relationship between wellbeing and affection. more


Sound advice for the whole family. more

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Our readers write: Stress Reliever; Relentless Resilient. more


Raw by Robyn launches in Calgary. more


Better diet and lifestyle helps stave off debilitating brain disease. more

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Nutrient-packed plant a powerful addition to every diet. more

Healthy Eating

Designing Healthy Spaces In Your Home

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What you need to know about creating the ultimate home gym. more

Healthy Spaces

Being healthy and happy shouldn't feel complicated. more


Keep a bit of Ibiza with you by nibbling on their line of healthy food products, literally sourced from paradise more


Prema Health Wellness Centre

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Leading people to a healthy, holistic life. more

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Simple lifestyle changes can help you live longer. more

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… and discover your best workout ever! more


Jamie Snow

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Bulimia battle part of trainer’s daily life. more

Athletes with IMPACT

Tracking mileage keeps you on pace for safety. more