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Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

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Underneath a high-performance athletes’ mental and physical attributes which may be monitored, assessed and measured in the training and competition environment, is an often ignored and golden opportunity to improve performance. Read more

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Re-evaluate your goals for better fitness results. Read more


5 tips for combatting chronic stress and elevated glucose levels. Read more

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Yoga Has Your Back

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6 ways to support your spine health. Read more

Get Active

Power foods that prevent chronic disease & cancer. Read more

Healthy Eating

All back pain has a cause. Read more

Sports Medicine

Flip Back Into Fitness

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Start a new routine this fall! Read more


Time for Core SHREDDING

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Bear crawls, tuck jumps & more to heat up your furnace. Read more


Increase recovery; reduce pain. Read more


10 Inspirational plant-powered Canadians. Read more

Cover Stories

Poor health habits cut life short after marriage ends. Read more


Serena Williams

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Tennis legend stands proud for women. Read more

Cover Stories

Shining A Light On Anorexia

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Fighting the unrealistic image of girls portrayed in society. Read more

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Expanding the definition of “healthy”. Read more


Harmful, Not Healthful Exercise and Eating Patterns

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Help is available for people with eating disorders. Read more

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Action you can take to help ward off deadly disease. Read more

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Why staying active can help beat the dreaded Menopot. Read more

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Happy Down Below

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What your penis can tell you about your overall health. Read more

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Researchers believe intense fitness sessions can eliminate need for invasive treatments. Read more

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