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Dr. E. Anderson Penno, MD, MS, Dipl. ABO, FRCSC.

The future for corrective vision surgery in Alberta is doubly bright in Calgary. Western Laser Eye Associates is one of just two refractive surgery clinics in the province to offer the most advanced surgical options to correct vision through a full array of products and services.

Dr. Ellen Anderson Penno, owner of Western Laser Eye, will be partnering with Dr. Daniel Senekal to be one of only two laser centres in Alberta to offer SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) the next-generation laser technology for the gentle correction of vision defects. SMILE is minimally invasive “no-flap” laser surgery that is easier on the patient with an excellent safety record with more than 3.5 million cases having been done worldwide since 2008. SMILE patients also recover quicker than those who have undergone traditional laser surgery.

Dr. Anderson Penno is building on an 18-year legacy at Western Laser Eye that has helped thousands of patients improve their vision through surgery or prescription eyewear.

She did her ophthalmology residency at the Mayo Clinic, and trained and worked with Dr. Howard Gimbel, the dean of Canadian eye surgeons, after a refractive surgery fellowship under his mentorship. Dr. Anderson Penno has been operating her own clinic in Northwest Calgary since 2004.

“We are here to provide quality care and efficient service, both for laser vision correction and for general ophthalmology clinical care,” says Dr. Anderson Penno. “We value patients first and quality care. When you come for laser vision correction, you can be sure we are assessing your complete eye health and are here to provide care for today and in the future.”

Dr. Anderson Penno celebrates the successes with every one of her patients and her colleagues at Western Laser Eye who are part of the care team. If you want to get to know another side of this fascinating woman, you can read her creative writing in Pank Magazine and Bodega Magazine. She is also writing a memoir due out in 2024 with NeWest Press in Edmonton.

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