Tri-Health Wellness Centre

Moving muscles and changing lives

Tri-Health Drs. Jason and Maria Granzotto, ND.
Drs. Jason and Maria Granzotto, ND.

Dr. Jason Granzotto, ND, was planning to attend medical school at York University when he found his calling.

“Fortuitously, I was in a nutrition class and saw a notice for a class in Naturopathic Medicine. It made sense to me. I also met my future wife on the first day of school!”

Although they never worked together until several years later, Doctors Jason and Maria Granzotto are at the epicentre of Tri-Health Wellness Centre, a Toronto-based clinic that focuses on healing the whole person, not simply the symptoms.

The healthcare team extends beyond the Naturopathic Doctors with customized diagnoses and treatments that tailor-fit the specific needs of each patient, involving a team of practitioners who work in tandem, creating overall wellness and lasting health.

The Naturopathic Care at Tri-Health Wellness Centre starts with a comprehensive assessment.

“Healthcare is evolving, and the science behind Natural Medicine has grown exponentially,” says Dr. Granzotto. “Tri-Health has tools to identify root causes of the symptoms to improve our patients’ health.”

The consultation can include food sensitivity testing, hormones testing, body composition, live blood analysis, medical thermography and more. “There must be a balance to everything,” says Dr. Granzotto. “Many patients have gone the medical route, and their tests come back normal. We are able to identify the obstacles in their health that are often ignored. We evolve the philosophy and paradigm for our patients.”

The gratification comes in seeing patients’ lives improve almost immediately, remapping the patient’s digestive system through diet, and understanding which foods are good for them. 

“Lots of people think a sluggish system is normal,” says Dr. Granzotto. “But when we introduce the changes and they start to feel good, they realize what normal should feel like.”

Tri-Health team includes acupuncturists, personal trainers, chiropractors, masseuses, kinesiologists and physiotherapists, providing a comprehensive approach to holistic care.

“It is mind, body and spirit. If someone has chronic pain, we get a chiropractor, an exercise protocol, and we tap into the emotions of the patients through psychotherapy. We determine what the patient needs and work to understand how to help them the best we can.”

The evolution of Naturopathic Medicine is moving towards an evidence-based approach to patient care and Tri-Health is at the forefront in Toronto.

Tri-Health Wellness Centre

8611 Weston Rd #4,
Woodbridge, ON L4L 9P1

905-605-WELL (9355)

Website: | Instagram: trihealthwellness

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