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How Health Optimizing is treating children who suffer from brainwave imbalances

Dr. Sammy Oh, PhD, DNM, Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Biofeedback Specialist, Functional Nutritionist.

Sammy Oh’s interest in the brain and how it functions stems from her childhood when her older brother suffered a head injury at just eight months old. Growing up with him, she developed an interest in how to treat symptoms of brain injuries the natural way rather than the traditional medical method.

A doctor of natural medicine, nutritionist and a biofeedback specialist, Oh has been helping patients for 18 years and with two clinics in Langley, B.C. has consulted over 9,000 clients.

She talks with passion about how her experience with her own son’s ADHD condition led her to helping children from ages six to 12 who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Her treatment method builds on her biofeedback background, treating clients through brain assessments rather than medication and psychological counselling, which is often the medical approach, she says. “We focus on finding the real problem, which are imbalances in the hardware of the brain. We use advanced European brain technologies to find the root causes.”

Oh works specifically with children from six to 12 because: “that is the most rapidly changing age.” To improve the condition, she analyzes the brain’s chemistry responses—serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline—which influences brain performance and mood. She also analyzes a client’s food intake. “Some foods trigger an inflammation of the brain, so we need to keep dietary inflammation under control until the brain reaches its ideal state.” Recommending a change in nutrition can dramatically shift the brain function when a child suffers with ADHD.

Once a child client has been assessed, an individual plan is designed. Brain Wellness Program typically take two months. Parents have to commit to the program, Oh says, and she has seen good results with children having a sharper focus with reduced symptoms of anxiety.

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