Advanced Orthomolecular Research

Catalyzing change and challenging conventions through continuous innovation

Dr. Traj Nibber, PHD.

Known across North America for producing quality products, AOR has one of the most sophisticated supplement lines that aid everything from brain power, to immune system support and bone and joint health. Has your doctor or naturopath prescribed supplements for your health? Odds are AOR has filled the bill.

AOR was founded in 1991 by Dr. Traj Nibber, a pharmacist who developed his own compounds to help patients suffering from AIDS. His mission expanded far beyond and he began researching and sourcing raw materials for AOR supplements from around the world. The company puts Dr. Nibber’s pharmaceutical principles into practice today to create the most effective products with the highest quality raw materials.

“Our processes allow us to ensure potency, purity and traceability from plant to product, giving our customers the certainty that they are always getting the same, effective formulation,” says Dr. Nibber. “We introduce and implement the latest testing strategies as part of our quality assurance process because we believe that it’s not about checking boxes, but how the boxes are checked that is important.”

Raw materials are sourced from around the world, including India, China and Europe. Products are developed at AOR’s Calgary laboratory where raw materials are researched and tested. Supplements are manufactured in AOR’s Calgary plant and inspected to ensure consistent, quality products that are free of contaminants.

All products go through rigorous clinical trials and meet strict regulatory standards. Health Canada must give its stamp of approval with a Natural Product Number (NPN). This verifies the potency and usage of the product’s ingredients and assures the consumers they can make an educated choice when purchasing the product.

For 30 years AOR has been an innovator in providing safe, science-based, quality health products. “When we started, we wanted to elevate the industry and as a dynamic company we will continue to follow the science and engage with our customer base. The safety of our consumers is a high priority,” says Dr. Nibber.

Advanced Orthomolecular Research

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