Accolade Dental Centre

Exceptional dental care in a warm and inviting environment

Drs. Homam Albaghdadi, DDS; Brendan Maloney, DMD; and Youngjin Alex Jung, DDS.
Drs. Homam Albaghdadi, DDS; Brendan Maloney, DMD; and Youngjin Alex Jung, DDS.

At the Accolade Dental Center, they believe taking a patient-partnered approach is key to providing exceptional care. 

“I believe in taking the time to discuss treatment options, and building rapport with patients,” says Dr. Homam Albaghdadi, who leads this modern practice in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto. “The patient is active in the decision-making process, but I don’t shy away from recommending what is needed.”

After finishing his doctor of dental surgery training at the University of Toronto in 2014, Dr. Albaghdadi completed a residency at Mount Sinai Hospital where he obtained invaluable experience in emergency and surgical dental care, including trauma management. “You see a lot of broken teeth, a lot of bike accidents. It elevates your awareness.”

Born in Syria and raised in a system of reactive dentistry, Dr. Albaghdadi believes that Canadian dentistry operationalizes prevention better than medicine.

“Prevention isn’t limited to those cleaning appointments. Working in the hospital, you see many elderly patients with advanced dental problems who might have conceivably prevented them by, for example, aligning their teeth or more frequent hygiene visits etc. Teeth are a cohesive unit; the loss of one tooth results in cascading effects. I think that dentists are, in a way, trying to predict the future for our patients when we recommend treatments.”

At the Accolade, they use cutting-edge technology, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care, with emphasis on excellence through the entire patient journey.

They offer a wide range of dental services including general and pediatric dentistry, hygiene, clear aligner and cosmetic treatment, as well as gum and implant surgery. They follow a holistic approach to engage patients. “I have conversations with my patients about sleep hygiene, and lifestyle habits conducive to grinding or clenching. Many patients work long hours sitting at their desks, and that strain and tension transfers to their upper body, neck and ultimately their mouths. We saw a lot of broken teeth during the pandemic.”

Education is at the forefront of Dr. Albaghdadi’s philosophy. He’s an academic at heart, has published several papers and has a keen interest in teaching patient communication to residents and students. 

Dr. Albaghdadi firmly believes that well-informed patients make smarter decisions and become advocates for their own health. “Accolade isn’t a factory-line style of dentistry. We take time with each patient.”

Accolade Dental Centre

135 Yorkville Ave. #301
Toronto, ON M5R 0C7


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