Beat the Holiday Rush! Costco Sale Limited Time from November 7-20 $1599 CAD
(MSRP $2099 CAD)

If you’ve always wanted an electric bike designed for city and commuter riding, this one is for you.

Join the thousands of riders who have discovered the mobility choice that promotes both a physical and mentally healthy lifestyle. The iGO Metro CX eBike delivers and will transform how you get around the city and will enrich your quality of life.

Discover your surroundings and view your environment from a new perspective. Indulge in a little ‘you time’ and bring a lot of fun back into your everyday. As an amazingly affordable entry into eBikes, the Metro CX delivers a level of excellence that will seem unbelievable.

Don’t be stuck in traffic when you can ride around it. Take the scenic route; take it at your own pace. Take back control.

Work out as much or as little as you want. Simply riding an iGO Metro CX eBike encourages better breathing regulation and can deliver a fully controllable cardiovascular exercise. The power assisted input is manually regulated suiting the requirements of each journey to arrive feeling refreshed and sweat-free, or to keep the preferred level of exercise manageable while easily adapting to suit the terrain or physical ability and personal fitness of the rider.


‘Whisper quiet’ slim motor with up to 48Nm torque delivering effortless climbing, consistent pedal assist and smooth speed control through nine levels of power, assisted pedaling and a power on demand throttle override (throttle is disabled in level 0 for safety).


The suspension fork is perfectly suited to handle uneven riding surfaces and reduce arm fatigue over extended long distance outings. It is equipped with a lock out system that will enhance energy efficiency when riding on smooth surfaces.


The brake levers are fitted with motor cut-off to ensure stopping can be performed safely at all times. Integrated bell on the right brake lever to announce your presence to other road/path users. Tektro disc brakes with large (180mm) rotor provide decisive stopping power in all weather conditions.


• 500W Geared Rear Hub Drive
• Battery 48V/482Wh
• Range 50km/(32mi)

On Sale Exclusively at Costco from November 7-20 for $1599 CAD

(MSRP $2099 CAD) Costco everyday price $1999

For more information and specifications on the iGO Metro CX visit https://igoelectric.ca/products/metro-cx