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It takes a Village to deliver healthy smiles

Village Orthodontics
Photo: Miguel Hortiguela

Dr. Jillian Gordon, MSC, DDS, Ortho, FRCD(C) | Dr. Frederick Murrell, BSC, DDS, CERT. ORTHO, DIPLOMATE ABO

Dr. Jillian Gordon was so inspired by her dentist’s passion for the job that it cemented her own career path.

Working in pediatric dentistry, she treated patients from six months to 18 years old, often dealing with preventable issues such as tooth decay due to poor dental hygiene.

Her shift to orthodontics has been a welcome change. “Braces today are down to a really great science — no longer bulky and uncomfortable,” she says. A common option, especially with adults, is Invisalign – a series of removable, invisible retainers that gradually correct the positioning of teeth.

“The way I operate, it’s all about planning and putting a puzzle together and problem solving,” says Dr. Gordon, who practices at Village Orthodontics’ Yorkville location in Toronto. “I love the happiness it brings to people.”

Dr. Frederick Murrell loves working and growing with new patients and families in the Toronto area, getting to know them on a personal level, and sharing many years of happy smiles.

“Your smile and your health are in good hands,” says Dr. Murrell. “You can rest assured that when it comes to your dental health and happiness, my team and I are here for you.”

Dr. Murrell works in the community by participating as a motivational speaker at various functions, an undertaking and responsibility that he feels most impassioned about. He is a mentor for adolescents, encouraging youth interests in higher education and career planning.

Village Orthodontics, which has nine locations in Ontario and Manitoba, specializes in orthodontics for children and adults. And when Dr. Gordon and Dr. Murrell have fixed a smile or addressed other dental issues, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

To contact Village Orthodontics:
118 Cumberland Street , Toronto, ON M5R 1A6
416.960.0200 –

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