Versa Movement Collective

Integrative team of experts puts the motion into medicine

Versa Movement Collective
Evan Baldwin, M. ScPT, M. Sc, SFMA, Cert. Acupunture, Gunn IMS, Spinal Manipulation; Andrea Ginter, BScKin, MScPT, Cert. Functional Dry Needling; Mathew Thompson, M.ScPT, BA Sport & Exercise; Lindsey Witzel, Adv. BA Psychology, Cert. BCRPA Group Fitness, Pre + Postnatal Fitness. Photo: Graham McKerrell

Take two pods and hit the pavement.

Analysing how clients run is one of many ways the Versa Movement Collective team helps clients with everything from healing injuries to working on strength and conditioning or getting professional coaching to improve performance.

But how they do it, is where they are different.

Wearable technology to capture a client’s running data in mere millisecond snapshots showcases the unique outdoor advantage some Versa clients love.

With two RunScribe pods attached to their sneakers, clients go for a three-kilometre run, returning to a physiotherapist who downloads data detailing everything from step rates to how much energy a runner is putting into the ground and getting back.

The cutting-edge technology offers a deeper dive into how a runner’s body is working when it’s in motion.

“It just gives us more information,” Versa co-owner, Evan Baldwin says.

For many years, the idea of opening a physical therapy clinic where clients could see a comprehensive approach to address issues and, in many cases prevent injuries from recurring or happening, was a pipe dream between friends.

But two years ago, the veteran physiotherapist and Business Developer, Lindsey Witzel, created a collective of professionals, with a varied skill set to offer clients that interdisciplinary approach.

“I just feel like physiotherapy is more than what we typically provide as practitioners on the table,” says Evans.

“Injury prevention is a huge part of our model. To truly put it into practice you have to have services and personnel to do that.”

Versa also caters to avid golfers, including many who simply want to put work in during the winter to try to avoid injuries during the sporting season.

“They go from doing very little all winter and are playing up to 50 or 60 times in a summer,” Baldwin says. “It’s hard to get better when you can’t play.”

Those who visit the smaller, private clinic can be assured they will still receive the same excellent care. They will also be safeguarded with protocols introduced as a result of the pandemic which include therapists only seeing one patient at a time with no overlap and staff going above and beyond to adhere to all cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Due to pandemic protocols, Versa introduced virtual appointments. Although about 80 per cent of its clients come in for appointments, some like the virtual option so much it is now a permanent option.

Versa Movement Collective

210 – 7460 Springbank Blvd. SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0W4
Instagram: teamversamc Twitter: teamversamc Facebook: teamversamc

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