The new Brooks Ghost Max may just be your new go-to running shoe. For anyone looking for a soft, smooth ride with added protection, this shoe will help ease foot pain, help prevent injuries, and get you through those long runs.

The Max Ecosystem

The Max Ecosystem is a family of shoes that deliver a protected experience including the Hyperion Max and the Ghost Max. All Max shoes are defined by three features: a high stack of soft cushioning, a stiff rocker midsole, and inherent stability.

The Max Philosophy

The low offset seen in Max shoes is led by Brooks’ commitment to delivering a protected experience. While a low offset can help certain individuals run comfortably, especially those with conditions like plantar fasciitis, most people just enjoy the underfoot feel of a lower offset. Functionally, a lower offset allows for more cushioning under the forefoot, which helps to create the GlideRoller geometry and facilitates a smooth, assisted transition.

Who is the Max Style Ideal For?

Whether you are looking for a ‘wear everywhere’ aesthetic or addressing chronic aches and pains, the high stack height and added cushioning of Max styles offer both a modern edge and protection on the move. For those of you training for races and looking for additional protection, the extra cushioning of this shoe will benefit you right up to race day as well as on recovery days.



“Wow! From the minute I opened the box, I was impressed. At first glance, the shoe is beautiful and I would wear it as an everyday shoe even if I wasn’t a runner, but it gets even better when you put it on. The max cushion is evident immediately and it’s comfortable enough for many, many miles. They have lots of room for those with wide feet like mine and provide plenty of space for orthotics if needed.

From wanting to put this shoe on ASAP to not wanting to take it off, I’m so glad I have a pair of Ghost Max runners for all my miles ahead.”

– RACHAEL MCINTOSHRetired Team Canada Track and Field athlete turned enthusiastic road and trail runner.

“The Brooks Ghost is a testament to an everyday neutral shoe with a light upper, a wide toe box and plenty of cushioning underfoot. An upper that is breathable, a tongue that is comfortable combined with a snug lacing system that puts the Ghost easily into the “go-to” high mileage training shoe category. I love the midsole underfoot and the way it lends a layer of comfort to my long run.”

PETE ESTABROOKS, One of IMPACT Magazine’s Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers, ultrarunner and coach is happiest when running in the mountains.

Biomechanics of the GlideRoll Rocker

The GlideRoll Rocker works best for runners and walkers with low joint mobility. The Rocker also works for individuals with plantar fasciitis and osteoarthritis by offering assisted heel-to-toe transitions and extra cushioning. 

The GlideRocker reduces the workload of the calf muscles, therefore reducing pressure under the foot, energy absorption in soft tissues in the foot, and motion of the toes and ankle, which can be protective and ideal for certain individuals with bunions, Achilles tendon issues and arthritis.


Delivers Support & Stability

Max shoes can help runners and walkers continue moving. The Max shoes are classified ‘neutral’ given that they do not guide the knee and ankle biomechanics. All Max shoes are built to provide inherent stability. Different from support, stability plays an essential role, especially for those looking for a protective experience.

The Brooks Ghost Max
Cost: CAD $190
Midsole Height: 28:22
Full Stack Height: 39.33
Midsole Drop: 6 mm
Weight: 9.0 oz (W); 10.0 oz (M)