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Dentistry that puts a human touch in patient care

South Trail Crossing Dental
Photo: Jenia Kos

Dr. Maria Dauri, DMD | Dr. Jayde Wiedemann, DMD | Dr. Mona Shoman, DMD

South Trail Crossing Dental strives to add a human touch to excellent dental care. The team of Dr. Mona Shoman, clinic owner, and associates Dr. Jayde Wiedemann and Dr. Maria Dauri takes the time to get to know patients and ensures their utmost comfort.

“Every patient is treated in such a way to feel that their needs have been met and exceeded. We want to give you an unparalleled experience in your dental visit,” says Dr. Shoman, a 2005 graduate from the University of Saskatchewan. “We stay at the forefront of dentistry by utilizing the most cutting-edge technology, which we are all trained in, while staying up-to-date with the newest systems.

For many people, going to a dentist can elicit their biggest fears. South Trail Crossing Dental’s goal is to put people at ease the moment they step into the door. The clinic and its staff are known for being dynamic and fun, bringing an energetic and lively approach to dentistry.

“We give a very personal touch. We’re very kind to people and we’re really good listeners,” says Dr. Shoman, a fitness enthusiast who runs, swims, does gymnastics, yoga and lifts weights. “We like to get to know our patients on a personal level before getting into the dentistry.”

Patients at the clinic range in age from babies to senior citizens, a client base that has been built byword-of-mouth. They are cared for by expert doctors and hygienists, who can take care of everything from specialty sports mouthguards to orthodontics and emergency dental care.

“Word gets around that we are different than anybody else. We know how much people hate going to the dentist, so we put in every effort to deliver the highest level of comfort in the shortest amount of time possible,” says Dr. Shoman. “Our aim is to surpass expectations by ensuring excellence in all aspects of patient care.”

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