With many aspects of our lives having changed dramatically during the past year, it comes to no surprise that normal sleep routines may be a little disrupted too – but a good night’s sleep is about the biggest all-round health boost you can get… and the right mattress is key.

You might think your five-hours-a-night is nothing to worry about, but chronic sleep deprivation can affect your cognitive performance at work and has been linked in some studies to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and can even affect your performance in endurance sports.

Here are a few subtle signs your body needs more time in bed, according to Simba’s sleep expert Hope Bastine:

  1. You’re perpetually hungry
    If your brain is deprived of the energy it requires from sleep, it’ll often try to get it from elsewhere – namely food! Not getting adequate rest increases the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. And too much of this makes us crave sugary and fatty foods. On top of this, poor sleep can affect something else called leptin – the satiety hormone. If you’re not getting adequate sleep you are more inclined to buckle to your cravings because you’re not feeling the signals to stop eating.
  2. Poor decision-making
    Tiredness could be the culprit. When you’re tired, you’re not going to be on your A-game. Sleep deprivation can affect speed and higher-level cognitive processing. This means essential functions, like problem solving, decision making or time management, become even more difficult to carry out.
  3. You feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster
    If you find yourself reacting to things that wouldn’t have affected you previously, or perhaps you feel yourself swinging from being wildly happy to particularly weepy, this can be triggered by poor sleep. Your reactions to emotional stimuli can send your feelings into overdrive when you haven’t had enough shuteye.
  4. F is for……err….Forgetful
    Getting enough sleep is essential for brain health in the long term. Sleep leads to memory consolidation and emotional processing. So a lack of rest may be messing with your memory. When you’re tired, it’s harder to form memories.
  5. Your appetite for sex has taken a nose-dive
    A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that sleep-deprived women were 14 percent less likely to have sex than those who had gotten proper sleep. It’s not just you though. Your partner can feel the effects too. Another study from the University Chicago showed that men with poor sleep patterns have significantly lower levels of testosterone – the body’s natural mojo – which reduces their interest in being intimate with their partner.
  6. You’ve suddenly become more clumsy
    It’s not just your emotions that are harder to control when you’re sleep deprived. It’s your body, too. If you find you’re having one of those days where you trip up, drop your morning coffee and bump into things all in the space of 24 hours, it can be a sign you’re overtired. When you’re less rested, there’s a lapse in how you neurologically function in general. If you’re busy rushing about, there’s a lot of processing going on. And when we’re sleep deprived our brains can’t process as well.

Meet The Simba®2500

The Simba® 2500 Hybrid Mattress

A pioneering mattress brand born in the UK and manufactured right here in Canada, engineered to end sleepless nights.

“It was clear when we started development that the perfect mattress simply didn’t exist, and it‘s been our mission since day one to create it.”

Steve Reid, CEO of  Simba® Canada

With five layers of sophisticated and data-driven design, incorporating state of the art technology, the Simba® 2500 has been engineered to encourage deeper and more restorative sleep. Dynamically designed to adjust to every body type, the Simba® 2500 excels in climate control. Developed using cutting edge body profiling data from over 10m people, the Simba® 2500 mattress is a dual spring and foam mattress that takes the heat out of sleep – whatever your sleeping pattern. Rather than a traditional spring or singular body of foam, the Simba® mattress is a complex layer cake of unique sleep surfaces all working in harmony to optimize your sleep. Each layer in the sumptuous 12” deep mattress works cohesively to promote airflow and cooling comfort.

Offering more comfort and pressure relief than traditional, full-length springs and more breathability and responsiveness than just foam, the Simba® miQro™ British steel springs are positioned perfectly for gravity defying comfort and airflow. They carry a unique, patented cone-shaped structure, which intelligently and individually mold to your body shape, just like memory foam. They also allow air to flow through the mattress; keeping you cool and well supported for an undisturbed sleep.

The Simba® 2500 Mattress Fast Facts:

  • Fresh Sleep Surface: Experience that clean sheet feeling every night with luxurious antimicrobial cover.
  • Simbatex™ Technology: Proprietary Graphite flakes designed to cradle, cool and comfort.
  • Spring Loaded: Up to 2,500 unique patented British steel miQro™ springs for gravity defying comfort and airflow.
  • Reflect Support: Responsive support from high density foam with edge reinforcement
  • Pressure’s Off: 7 zoned support base with built in air flow channels for support
  • Luxurious hypoallergenic cover
  • 100 nights Comfort Exchange Guaranteed
  • 10 year warranty
  • Twin $999; Twin XL $1099; Full $1349; Queen $1499; King $1699

The Simba® Duvet

Simba® Duvet

Being too hot or too cold at night is a recipe for sleepless nights. We’ve all been there. You can put this problem to bed with a luxury duvet so progressive it’s been hailed a miracle worker thanks to its temperature regulating prowess. Harnessing the power of Stratos™ technology, the comforter expertly cools you down if you’re too hot and warms you as your body cools.

Inspired by space suits worn by astronauts – experts in regulating body temperature – Simba® Duvet has used space-inspired technologies that actively respond to the body’s changes in temperature throughout the night, no matter the season.

Applied to the outer fabric, Stratos™ technology regulates its temperature by absorbing and releasing heat during the night, ensuring it maintains the perfect conditions for a deeper and longer lasting sleep.

The Simba® Duvet Fast Facts:

  • Stratos™ technology – space-inspired active temperature regulation for cooler, calmer more enriching sleep.
  • Invista™ cool nights system – hypoallergenic, mineral-enriched fibres dissipate heat
  • Breathable cotton cover – creating a softer feel
  • Vegan friendly – containing no animal products
  • Invista™ cool nights system that dissipates heat
  • Machine washable
  • BCI approved, breathable, hypoallergenic cotton cover that is soft and comfortable, as well as free from chemicals.
  • Queen – $279; King – $299

The Simba® Pillow

Simba® Pillow

Prepare for drift off with this space-inspired temperature regulation technology that’s out of this world.

It’s often undervalued, but the pillow has a mighty job on its hands. Supporting one of the most important, busiest and heaviest parts of your body – the human head – weighing up to 12llbs. Do you ever find pillows can be a headache to get right? One not enough, two too many? Simba’s Nanocube™ technology removes this. The Simba® Pillow allows you to personalize it to the perfect height and firmness. The cubes of breathable foam can be added or removed to deliver maximum comfort for your head and neck.

Applied to the pillow, Stratos™ technology regulates its temperature by absorbing and releasing heat during the night, ensuring it maintains the perfect conditions for a deeper and longer lasting sleep.

The Simba® Pillow also includes an Invista™ cool nights system: soft and durable, hypoallergenic mineral-enriched fibres made from recycled sources designed to dissipate heat, ensuring you don’t need to flip your pillow to find the cold side and helping to maintain a consistently good night’s sleep – guaranteed with 8-hours of freshness!

The Simba® Pillow Fast Facts:

  • Stratos™ technology – active temperature regulation that offers improved sleep quality
  • Invista™ cool nights system – hypoallergenic, mineral-enriched fibres dissipate heat
  • Nanocube™ technology – personalize your pillow to the perfect height and firmness
  • Mesh border – for maximum airflow
  • Breathable cotton cover – creating a softer feel
  • Vegan friendly – contains no animal products
  • Machine washable, BCI approved, breathable, hypoallergenic cotton cover that is soft and comfortable, as well as free from chemicals.
  • $179
Simba Logo

With over 150,000 five-star customer reviews, Simba Sleep has sold over 1,000,000 high performance sleep products worldwide, including mattresses, duvets, pillows, weighted blankets and sleep travel accessories.

Try Simba® exclusively in store at Canada’s most trusted retailers, SleepCountry & Dormez-vous.

Simba® is available now:
www.simbasleep.ca | facebook.com/SimbasleepCA | instagram.com/simbasleep.ca

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