Train Harder and Stay Connected in Style with the Galaxy Watch Active2

Your latest workout partner with a built-in running coach and wellness support

Samsun Galaxy Watch Active2

If you’re beginning to weaken on those New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone! It’s around this time that many people give up on those inevitable fitness-related goals made on January 1st – but the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is here to help! Designed for people who love to stay on top of their fitness, it collects data and actively turns it into personalized insights, leading to real strides in overall wellness.

Not only does the Galaxy Watch Active2 connect to other devices like your Samsung Galaxy, it can also connect to compatible Android or iOS devices, as well as the new Galaxy Buds+ (currently available online at The Galaxy Watch Active2 also works seamlessly with multiple services and apps.

An integrated accelerometer monitors your pace and the coaching lets you know if you should slow down or go faster. There is also GPS tracking, so you can map your runs. This cool feature will help you maintain the speed you’re aiming for to meet your personalized workout goals or stay on pace come race day. Additionally, the watch can track your heart rate and calories burned.

Beyond tracking your run, the smartwatch tracks over 40 different types of workouts and automatically records data for seven sports including swimming, weight training and walking. It’s designed for balanced wellness no matter what your fitness level is. Whether you’re rowing, cycling or prefer something slower-paced, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 will let you access your workout metrics and provide data to help you improve or sustain your fitness.

We all know the right workout gear can add that extra level of motivation, and the Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in a lightweight, sporty, aluminum body with two size options and a wide range of comfortable, stylish straps that will give you a custom look to suit your style. Beyond that, it gives the option for you to take a photo of your outfit on your Samsung phone and create a custom watch face to match what you’re wearing!

Adding a level of convenience, with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE model on your wrist, you can leave your phone at home while you work out, keeping you connected online whether your phone is near or far. You can make calls, listen to music, answer emails and schedule events on the go so you don’t miss a thing.

Using the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+, you can also immerse yourself in your favourite music while you exercise with sound by AKG and an incredible battery life of up to 11 hours – and an extra 11 hours when you place them in the case to charge.  Connect to Spotify®¹ and you can also tune into podcasts or playlists you love more easily at the tap of your wrist. The Galaxy Buds+ include 2-way speakers delivering rich, studio-quality sound by AKG and an adaptive 3-mic system for crystal clear calls.

Your fitness goals are important, so let the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 help you reach them and make it more enjoyable along the way.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in aqua black, cloud silver, stainless gold and gold in either 40mm for $369.99, 44mm for $399.99. The 40mm LTE model comes in gold, black and silver for $569.99. Visit the Samsung website for more information.

[1] Spotify service availability varies by region and by network

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