Ryan C. Frank Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Finding beauty in opportunities to transform lives

Ryan C. Frank Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
Wayne Perron, MD, FRCS(C); Lana Nielsen, R.N; Ryan C. Frank, MD, FRCS(C,) MBA; Shona Heffernan, Office Manager; Carol Carruthers, R.N., B.N. Photo: Graham McKerrell

Whether it’s surgery to reshape a child’s skull or cosmetic procedures for adults seeking change – Dr. Frank sees his work as a thing of beauty. That’s because the plastic surgeon considers it a blessing to have the skills to improve the lives of his patients, young and old.

“It’s sounds cheesy but it’s true. I feel passionate about the opportunity to help people feel better about themselves,” the 42-year-old Calgarian says. “I feel like I’m good at it and I care.”

When he’s not working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Frank offers a select number of cosmetic procedures which are done in his office.

Patients rely on his expertise for a variety of reasons – to correct birth defects or disfigurements caused by an accident, injury or illness or to alter the appearance of facial features they have been unhappy with for years. Some opt for procedures to improve the aesthetics of the face, breast and body.

Over the years, Frank found his niche by narrowing his focus to areas of speciality which include rhinoplasty, breast surgery for both men and women, tummy tucks and otoplasty (ear surgeries).

His mentor and now senior partner, Dr. Wayne Perron, helped him refine his skills as a plastic surgeon over the last decade. Frank’s late father, Cy, an orthopedic surgeon named a member of the Order of Canada for his contributions to advancing orthopedic health-care services in Alberta and for scientific contributions to bone and joint repair, inspired him to become a doctor.

His work in pediatric plastic surgery, sees Frank performs ear pinnings, mole removals and repairs to cleft lips and palates. Some of his pediatric cases are more complex and intense than others where Frank works with a neurosurgeon, spending several hours in the operating room, taking on the delicate task of reconstructing craniofacial deformities.

“A lot of parents are sad and scared but very reasonable. Fortunately, most things go very well and there are a lot of happy patients. It can be very stressful but very rewarding,” he says.

While Frank’s expertise transforms many lives close to home, he has also taken on international medical missions to bring life-changing care to underserved areas of the world including Cambodia, Haiti and Guatemala. Wherever he sees his patients, Frank always appreciates it as a means to make a difference. “I feel really lucky,” he says. “This is my calling for sure.”

Ryan C. Frank Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

300, 333 – 24 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2S 3E6
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