Run with confidence, run with RunGo

An app that guides your run using voice navigation so you can explore while running

Running in a new city can be a daunting experience. For runners who enjoy traveling, finding safe and scenic running routes have often been challenging. Those days are now in the past thanks to RunGo, the only running app that gives you voice navigation for your runs. RunGo provides guided running and walking routes all over the world, which highlight local sights, and provides you with all the turns you need –you can now stop worrying about getting lost and start running with confidence!

“As a business traveler who was always on the road, it was always hard to find the best and safest runs while I was traveling” says Craig Slagel, Founder of RunGo. “More than once, I found myself in questionable neighbourhoods in the cities I was in, while attempting to ‘explore’ the city on my runs and that was why I developed RunGo.”

RunGo gives runners confidence with our extensive collection of quality running and walking routes that have been curated by local running communities. Runners can also use RunGo’s intuitive in-app and web route creator that allows you to build your favourite running routes and share them with fellow runners around the world. RunGo features a collection of running and walking tours in all major cities worldwide that act as a virtual travel companion as you explore a new city, immersing you in a unique cultural and historical experience as you run along iconic landmarks.

Available for iPhone and Android mobile devices as well as the Apple Watch, RunGo also provides all the usual statistics such as distance, pace, and calories burned and has a logbook to store your results. The app navigates you offline, and only requires data or wifi when you add runs or download routes from your library. After that, you can use RunGo to guide you, without any data or wifi when you travel.

Download now for free on iPhone and Android.