It’s no secret that the way we have lived in and enjoyed our homes has changed in the past year. Your living room becoming a theatre and your dining nook the new hit restaurant has been the norm. Rethinking how we use the spaces of our homes has been a trend that Shane Homes has been on top of for years.

With their “Love it or… Customize it,” philosophy, Shane has put a homebuyer’s dreams in the forefront of their building experience. “At Shane Homes, there’s no need to settle on a home that doesn’t capture what’s important to you and your family,” says Melanie Gowans, general manager, sales and marketing.

So, what’s new and trending in the space of customization?

Podcast Room

With the rise of podcast popularity, creatives can comfortably work from home by reimagining their space. Modifying the use of a secondary bedroom and adding soundproofing can look stylish as seen in upstairs in the Cypress showhome in Ambleton, Calgary, AB. Bonus, Shane Homes’ Interior Designers have already created the blueprint for building a functional podcast room so if this is something you desire in your next home the option is already priced out offer a transparent experience.

Cypress showhome in Ambleton.

Gamer Room

Gaming is all about imagination, so why not make the space just as creative! In the Vista III showhome in Legacy, Calgary, AB, Shane Homes’ designers have created every gamer’s dream room. The game room was designed with different type of gaming platforms in mind to appeal to every type of gamer. In this game room Shane incorporated a Nintendo Nook, traditional console gaming such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Computer Gaming, and vintage arcade games such as Tetris and Pac-Man.

Vista III showhome in Legacy.

Dual Office

Over the past year the need for a home office has grown, especially now as we see more companies moving toward hybrid work models. Creating your own workspace should be fun. Here in the flex room of the Manhattan III showhome in Midtown, Airdrie, AB, you’ll see a dual office set up where you and your partner/colleague/friend can create the in-office vibe. All that’s missing is a few tabletop desk games.

Manhattan III showhome in Midtown.

And what about popular customizations that have stood the test of time?

Single Family Front Drive Homes

  • Main floor bedroom with a full bathroom
  • Spice Kitchen
  • Basement development

Laned Homes

  • Side door entry
  • Spice Kitchen
  • 9’ Basement ceilings


  • Dual Master
  • Change kitchen location

Since making your home dreams come true is Shane Homes’ goal, it’s important to note that customization is not as expensive as you think “When people hear the word custom, they might think it’s too expensive. However, this is not the case with Shane Homes. We are the most affordable custom home builder in the city because of strong long-term relationships with our trade partners and high volumes,” said Gowans.

To make this offering even sweeter, from now until August 15, 2021, Shane Homes has thoughtful summer promotions including customization allowances on Single Family and Laned Homes. How do you plan to customize your home? Head to to learn more!

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