The 10 Mile Tri presented by 3433 Sport Performance is back for its 10th year of action at the MNP Community & Sport Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Starting from its humble beginnings 10 years ago, the 10 Mile Tri has evolved quite a bit over the past decade. Starting as a small club event to the largest indoor triathlon in Canada. The format of the race would also see amazing changes going from focusing on how quickly you can complete 10 miles to a distance-based race. This allows for athletes of all levels to compete and to see how much distance can be covered in 45 minutes. Fun fact: the reason 45 minutes was chosen was because the top athletes were completing all 10 miles in that length of time. 

With registration now open for the 10th Annual 10 Mile Tri, the event is poised for its biggest year ever, welcoming those who want to make stories and memories that will last a lifetime. 

A unique format 

The Race format for the 10 Mile Tri forgoes the typical approach of what is the fastest time you can complete a certain distance, instead focusing on what is the furthest distance you can complete within a certain time. 

The race is broken down into its three parts, all parts are 15-minute intervals with a 10-minute break between sections to allow athletes to prep for the next leg of the race.  

Racers will start out in the pool covering their distance within a 25m pool and challenge themselves to swim as many laps as possible within the given time. After completing this they will proceed to the second leg of the race where they will mount a TechnoGym bike in the TechnoSPIN studio and cycle at the pace they feel is beneficial to reach their greatest distance. They will then finish their race on the 200-metre track, fighting fatigue to finish their race strong. 

This format of racing provides the athletes with a unique challenge in their race strategy. They must decide on the best use of their energy over the course of the race, what sections of this triathlon their strengths and weakness’ lie, and how to best manage their energy throughout the course of the race, making it not just a physical race but a mental one as well. 

A race for the community 

Something that makes the 10 Mile Tri truly special is that it’s a race built on community. Taking place at MNP Community & Sport Centre located in the beltline of downtown Calgary, this venue has been home to numerous world competitions over the years. It is home to a thriving community of athletes from not just the city, but the world, striving to meet their dreams. This venue works under a dual mandate from the City of Calgary to provide both training and competition facilities, plus services for the development of high-performance athletes. MNP also provides programs and services for the wellness and recreational needs of the citizens of Calgary. 

The unity of this dual mandate is displayed perfectly within the 10 Mile Tri. You will see participants of all walks of life racing next to world-ranked athletes and Olympic hopefuls. A community striving to be their best, united in the goal of pushing their boundaries and doing what they love to do in a sport that they love. 

Over the decade the event has produced numerous stories & memories for members of the racing community. It has proudly featured participants who have finished last, trained all year, and came back to be their personal best. Athletes have used the event as a stop on their training journey to world and Olympic competitions. 

Fit Fest 

The event has expanded and so have the members of the community supporting the 10 Mile Tri, leading to an exciting new element, Fit Fest. This festival features exhibitors and sponsors from Calgary and surrounding communities highlighting a wide range of health, wellness, and fitness education, products, and services. This part of the event gives the opportunity for both athletes and spectators to connect with industry experts and meet with dedicated individuals that make events like this possible.  

Those looking to take part in the event as an athlete, or a spectator and encouraged to visit the 10 Mile Tri’s website to learn more about this amazing event. Registration closes Feb 26th, 2024.  

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