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Primary MD Sublime Wellness
Dr. Kathryn Dundas, M.D., C.C.F.P, CEO & Medical Director; Missing in photograph: Bonnie Jones and Kathryn Thompson, RN, BN; David Dennis, Lab and X-Ray Technician, Registered Acupuncturist; Tammy Oak, Kinesiologist, BA Holistic Health Sciences, Nutritional Therapist. Photo: Graham McKerrell

When Dr. Kathryn Dundas was in premature labour with twins she rushed to the hospital, only to be turned away without seeing a doctor.

But the physician who had given birth before went right back in and three hours later welcomed two newborn daughters at just 27 weeks.

That experience nearly two decades ago, along with many months that followed at a neonatal intensive care unit, proved to be a major life pivot for Dundas.

Being a patient positioned her to be a better doctor and pursue new ways to provide care.

“People are not being listened to and it’s not because staff didn’t care, it is because they didn’t have time,” she says. “It opened my eyes.”

Over years working as a rural physician in Sundre, caring for patients at both the ER and her family practice, Dundas acquired a broad range of experience.

In 2004, she sold her practice and launched something completely different.

Blending her personal experience with her professional skills, she founded the first private medical clinic in Canada, Primary MD.

Clients, seen by referral, are given unparalleled, personalized medical care and coaching with Dundas and her team complementing care through the public system with an integrative approach to heal with mind, body, spirit with traditional medicine and holistic alternatives.

“I become their primary care advisor,” Dundas says. “Their asset manager.”

While some of the care is covered through provincial healthcare, Dundas’ clients are those wanting to invest in their well-being by taking it to the next level.

Primary MD clients have access to a global network of experts and in-house professionals who can offer everything from V02 max testing or functional movement assessments to acupuncture, prolotherapy pain injections or investigations into nutrigenomics.

In 2007, Dundas opened the adjacent Sublime Wellness to offer some of those integrative medical options to others, as well as traditional spa services and procedures like laser treatments for anti-aging and hair removal and injectables. 

Dundas loves being able to focus on prevention and dig deeper to help heal clients.

“From my experiences, I vowed to always listen to my patients,” she says, “that is the healing art. Primary MD and Sublime give me the space and resources to do just that.”

Primary MD/Sublime Wellness

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