Prema Health Wellness Centre

Leading people to a healthy, holistic life

Prema Health Wellness Centre
Photo: Jenia Kos

Prema Health Wellness Centre is on a mission to help its clients live vibrant and dynamic lives through the connection of body, mind and soul. With a team of charismatic therapists and healers, Prema staff are devoted to holistic living and healing through therapies delivered with an expert touch.

“Stress and anxiety levels are higher than ever. I lived through it myself,” says Jackie Dumaine, the Calgary company’s Director of Brand Marketing. “That’s why I believe in Prema’s vision to help others create more balance in their lives.”

Dumaine once quit her high-pressure job and walked away from it all to go live in an ashram in India and learn yoga. “I wasn’t putting myself first. I was consumed with work and burning out. It was time to make a change and focus on self-care.” says Dumaine.

It’s that type of turnaround the team at Prema wants to help their clients achieve.

Prema (a Sanskrit word meaning love) provides massage therapy, acupuncture, and energy balancing treatments.

Excited to now offer facials, Prema uses the world renown Éminence organic skin care line. “We wanted to add another layer to our services. Healthy, glowing skin is an important part of a holistic wellness routine,” says Dumaine.

Also offered at Prema are private sessions in their infrared saunas, which detoxify the body while helping with weight management, blood pressure and pain. Their unique Wellness Club program makes committing to a healthy lifestyle easy and affordable, while giving members additional VIP perks.

For $69.99, new clients can book any treatment and explore one of the city’s finest wellness centres. Open seven days a week, Prema can fit everyone’s schedule and usually accommodate same-day bookings. They provide registered therapists and practitioners and offer direct billing. Whether you want to reduce stress, decrease pain, rejuvenate your skin, or boost your energy, they’ll meet your needs.

“Technology can never replace human touch,” says Dumaine. “Our team believes everyone deserves to feel their best every single day. Our services help people create a life they love by increasing their sense of wellbeing.”

Prema Health Wellness Centre

1429 17th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0C6

P. 403.243.4040

Prema Health Wellness Centre


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