One on One Personal Fitness

One on One Personal Fitness

Ask Sandra Bueckert about One on One Personal Fitness and she doesn’t talk about a cool studio with 30-foot ceilings, all the weights you could ever lift, the cardio machines or exercise classes, she talks about people. For Sandra and her team, fitness is personal.

It’s personal for the 77-year-old dynamo who Sandra has been training for 15 years. It’s personal for the woman going through divorce, who regained not only her fitness, but her self-respect. It’s personal for the mom turning 40 who suffered panic attacks yet stepped on stage to win a body building competition .

“I started this business when personal training didn’t exist,” says Sandra, who was training people in their Calgary homes in 1989. “I wanted clients to get more out of their physiques. The big box approach was not for me.”

At 51, Sandra is as fit and toned as her 23 year-old self, but she, too, has travelled life’s rollercoaster, seeing her weight rise to nearly 200 pounds after having children, then coping with divorce.

“I am a conduit to help people get their lives back. They think they are training with me to develop physical strength, but it’s really mental strength that people build,” she says. “We work with all shapes and sizes and ages, but I love working with the ones who want to fight aging every step of the way.”

Sandra’s passion is trashing the barriers that people feel they can’t overcome.

“I make a difference and that’s the high and the hook. Our trainers care,” she says.

Each client will meet with Sandra for a free hour-long health and fitness assessment. If the goals and connections are right, an individualized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program is established. “One On One is about individual goals and desires. It’s about looking good and feeling great,” says Sandra. “You’re going to put in some sweat equity and you might hate us for a few weeks. But then you’ll hit your stride and you’ll love us.”

One on One Personal Fitness

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One on One Personal Fitness