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Mayfair Diagnostics
Photo: Jenia Kos

Dr. Jeffrey Lee, MD, FRCPC

Cutting-edge technology combined with good, old-fashioned compassion are key to how employees at Mayfair operate. It also sums up why Dr. Jeffrey Lee opted to become a partner in the company about eight years ago. “It was exciting to join a group practice involved with treating the sickest patients in the city in the hospital setting while also being an integral part of the community working in many of Mayfair’s clinics,” says Dr. Lee.

“For me, it was important to be part of a progressive group like Mayfair, which has a great reputation for providing high-level imaging.” Radiologists at Mayfair, formerly operating as Mayfair Diagnostics and RCA Diagnostics, are experts in breast and cardiac imaging, bone density testing and more. Dr. Lee, one of 55 radiologists with Mayfair, says the opportunity to work at city hospitals while taking on cases at Mayfair clinics has expanded the breadth of his knowledge and made him a better physician.

“Although our core business is taking care of people, we need to ensure we are always using the most advanced medical technologies on the market,” he says. “It helps us to produce the clearest, most accurate radiological images possible.” Dr. Lee believes Mayfair is unique in combining an approach tailored to offering both the best technology while making patient care a top priority. “We are partners in pursuit of a common goal, to improve people’s lives, one focused image and one caring, compassionate human touch at a time,” he says. “There are always new and better ways to image the human body. It is an honour to be able to look at a patient’s body through different services to help diagnose disease.”

Mayfair, which has 12 locations in Calgary and one in Regina, also provides teleradiology to remote communities where radiologists are not available. Mayfair is the official medical imaging providers for the Calgary Flames, Stampeders, Hitmen, Roughnecks and Inferno sports teams.

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