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It’s a new year, and for many of us, a time to get healthier. Whether that means exercising more, quitting bad habits, or eating a better diet, most of us have at least some (or a lot of) room for improvement when it comes to our physical health. Like most things in life, change is often easier with a little help.

When it comes to eating healthier, more nutritious and delicious food, Made Foods aims to be that help. That’s why it has recently introduced its custom meal planning service – an easy, convenient and enjoyable way to get your diet back on the right track.

Provided through the expertise of Made Foods’ Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Jenn Hruby, the meal plan service can be tailored to suit anyone’s individual needs. “It’s for a variety of people,” says Hruby. “The main thing is that it’s customized and personalized, and will make your life easier.”

To get started, Hruby meets with the customer for a half hour at one of Made Foods’ eight locations. Here she gets a sense of what the person is looking for in a meal plan: what type of diet they desire, the state of their current health and lifestyle, and what goals they’d like to achieve, for example. This meeting can be booked online at or by emailing Jenn directly (

Hruby then designs a meal plan tailored specifically to the person’s individual needs. Meal plans can be whatever the customer wants: from one meal per day to three meals and two snacks per day, for as many days, weeks or months as desired.

Meals are from Made Foods’ extensive, seasonal menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, smoothies and soups, all of which are packaged and ready-to-eat.

Chef-prepared in Calgary and locally sourced, Made Foods meals are prepared for maximum nutritional benefit. There is also a wide selection of gluten friendly, dairy friendly, vegetarian and low calorie options.

“Many folks have an idea of what they want but are either at a loss on how to achieve it or without the time to do it,” says Hruby. “With my help, they can more properly fuel their bodies with minimal effort.” In addition to the meal plan, Hruby also provides customers with nutrition tips, tricks, tools and resources.

Hruby’s services are complimentary – the cost to the customer is just that of the food. Meals can be picked up at any one of Made Foods’ locations, or – an even easier option – can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep by the company’s delivery service.

A ‘Made-over’ of your diet for the new year? And with the free guidance and expertise of a professional? For those looking to make a healthy start in the new year, Made Foods’ meal plans could be exactly what’s needed.

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