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With the onset of official winter just weeks away and the busy holiday season upon us, any reason to stay off the roads is a welcome one. When the reason is delicious and nutritious ready-to-eat meals that arrive at your door – when you want them to – you might consider never driving again.

So is the case with Made Foods’ delivery service. A fast, easy and convenient way to enjoy chef-prepared meals – in single or family format – in the comfort of, and without having to leave, your own home. “We’re all about convenience,” says Chris Dobson, President and Partner. “Healthy, good food without all the effort. And a delivery service fits perfectly with what we offer. So far it’s been a big draw.”

Orders can be placed online through the company’s website. Using four trademark green vans, the company delivers to all quadrants of the city, with same-day delivery for all orders placed before noon. Delivery times are punctual: “Our drivers get you your meals on time, when you want them. You can rely on us.”

There is no minimum order, and orders over $60 have no delivery charge – great value for the many customers whose orders will typically be over the $60 threshold. And a bargain considering that the typical delivery company charges a fee regardless of the order amount. Orders under $60 have a minimal $6 delivery charge.

Busy families and working moms in particular have enjoyed the service. “I have a very busy lifestyle with three children at home, so the convenience and easy online ordering system made using Made Foods home delivery service a no brainer,” raves Jennifer Soloman. “The customer service I receive from the delivery drivers has always been warm and friendly. Thanks Made Foods!”

The fast and easy online ordering system can also be used to pre-order meals for pick-up, making a stop into one of the company’s eight locations quick and effortless. Both the online delivery and pick-up options can be scheduled on a daily or weekly basis.

With new items being added to the menu every Monday starting November 14, Made Foods is truly revolutionizing the way Calgarians fuel themselves. Its delivery service is just one more way of doing so. Meal planning and preparation at your (typing) fingertips.

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