Live Boldly Insurance

Live Boldly Insurance
Scott Campbell at Calgary X-Warrior Sprint OCR, June 8, 2019. Photo: Graham McKerrell

The words ‘life insurance’ don’t have to make your eyes glaze over. With Manulife Vitality insurance, they’ll have you lacing up your running shoes instead. And, they’ll reward you for doing it.

“Manulife Vitality is a brand new life insurance solution that rewards healthy living,” said Scott Campbell, owner of Live Boldly Insurance. “Depending on how active you are, Manulife Vitality will send you gift cards and travel discounts to recognize your healthy lifestyle,” he explained.

Just signing up for the insurance provides a benefit in the form of a free Garmin watch (vívofit® 4) which clients receive to track their fitness. In addition, they are eligible for up to 55 percent off the monthly membership fees at GoodLife Fitness. By tracking activities, clients receive points that put them in a bronze, silver, gold or platinum level. Rewards increase with each level and platinum clients will see their premiums reduced.

Every activity clients do throughout each day counts for points toward their rewards. Healthy lifestyle choices count too. Even going to the dentist or having an annual check-up with the Manulife nurse will garner points.

“This is the only company in Canada offering this type of program,” Campbell explains. “It’s always irked me that you buy life insurance and then – nothing. This way I get rewarded for making healthy choices and staying active. I have this type of insurance myself and last year, the rewards I received through Amazon gift cards and discounts were equivalent to almost six months of my monthly premiums.”

Campbell says this kind of insurance is perfect for people who are active and have the need for life insurance to cover their mortgage, debts and income replacement needs. The monthly premiums are competitive and are often less than standard term life insurance rates.

Campbell has created a simple yet informative guide on life insurance planning and Manulife Vitality. For a free copy of the guide, The Straightforward 7 Point Guide to Life Insurance, text the word VITALITY to 587.415.5797.

Live Boldly Insurance

Live Boldly Insurance

Scott Campbell, CFP, CCS, CHS

587.415.5797 •

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