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A mindful daily shaving ritual

Like Grandpa Shave Products

Like Grandpa Shave Products co-founder Ken Kaminski-Raab is encouraging Canadian men to add another five minutes to their morning shave routine and actually enjoy starting their day with razor in hand.

For the sake of convenience, too many men settle for dragging a disposable four-blade razor through gunk from an aerosol can. Like Grandpa’s healthier approach involves skin preparation with a hot cloth, the application of a pre-shave oil, lathering on quality shaving soap with a brush, shaving with a single-blade razor and finishing off the experience with a moisturizing aftershave to soothe skin and seal pores.

“Women are good at looking after themselves, but men aren’t,” Ken says. “Why not make one part of your daily grooming ritual something you really take pleasure from?”

Each stage becomes a mindful ritual and the final shave is worth every extra minute, Ken enthuses. He and his wife Keenyn manufactured specialized skin-care, shave and beard products in their home before launching Like Grandpa in May 2016. With expansion on the horizon, the Edmonton-based company is offering its complete product line to online shoppers and through specialty retailers.

Like Grandpa

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Like Grandpa Shave Products


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