Kinetic Orthotics

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Kinetic Orthotics

Werner Lau, B.Sc. Kin, C.Ped. Tech (C), C.Ped (C)

What depths would you probe to get to the root of your painful problems? If you are experienced clinician Werner Lau, you go all the way down to the feet, which he often discovers as the source of problems higher up the body. “I like to be challenged and feet are very complicated,” says Lau, who has 13 years in orthopaedics and pedorthics. “Of 206 bones in the body, over 25 per cent are located, solely, in the feet.”

After years of working on dysfunction related to feet, the kinesiologist returned to university to better “understand intricacies of how feet move and how it influences anatomical alignment.” A Canadian certified pedorthist for eight years, he is an expert in assessing and treating patients suffering from foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back dysfunctions.

At Kinetic Orthotics clinic, Lau’s patients can access physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture to complement his specialty in pedorthics. Clients can also access taping, strapping and bracing services. Custom foot orthotics are made offsite but precise modifications and adjustments are done at the clinic. And while genetics is a contributor to common issues, our choices can lead to problems as well. Something as simple as the type of footwear worn such as ballet flats with no support or cushioning is a concern for Lau. “There was a review done a few years ago that showed about 96 per cent of people in North America wear shoes too small for them, or more specifically, ill-fitting shoes. That affects foot function,” says Lau.

He examines each client’s feet, using manual assessment, functional evaluation, gait analysis and 3D imaging to send them off on the right foot. “By the time I see most of my patients they have already tried going the route of other allied health care and Dr. Google and are often misdiagnosed,” he says. “I always start by looking at the feet. If it does look like a foot problem we will address the feet first. If that improves issues further up the anatomical chain, we have hit the target.”

To contact Kinetic Orthotics:
#201, 3425 – 26 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0N3
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