Indoor cycling during the winter months is a great way to energize your fitness routine. There’s no need to worry about treacherous weather and cycling apps and equipment make it the perfect activity to maintain the social aspect of cycling while meeting your fitness goals.


In the past, the transition from outdoor to indoor cycling was painful – both physically and psychologically. It was boring and lonely. However, with the introduction of smart trainers, on-line classes and solutions like Zwift and Peloton, cycling indoors through the winter offers a new experience.

Virtual worlds and group classes break down logistical barriers and make indoor cycling accessible to everyone. From experienced riders to those who are new to the sport, you’ll enjoy being in control. You choose the location, the duration of your ride, and when your time on the bike starts and ends.

Indoor cycling today is exciting, physically and mentally challenging, and, some may even say, inspiring. Now you can sweat it out solo or pedal alongside friends immersed in virtual worlds or connected through group classes that are fun, fresh and offer both fitness and social rewards. Spinning has become more than something to keep you fit while you wait for the snow to thaw.

Join Joelle Tomlinson as she leads on inspiring session at MitoCanada’s MitoSpin on Sat. Feb. 26th at 9 am MST. Photo credit: Radical Gentleman Creative


• Consistency is key. Find the time that works for you and stick to it
• Reserve time for your workout early in the morning before work, to break up the day during the lunch hour, or in the evening when you are on your own schedule (or should be!)
• Make a schedule with all of your workouts planned out for the next few weeks
• Be one of the 500,000 people in 195 countries who have done a Zwift ride or use the Peloton app to bookmark rides
• RSVP using the “count me in” feature and add your workouts to your Google or Outlook calendar for reminders.

Whatever it takes, reserve the time so you can keep that commitment to your health.

Ready to get your wheels spinning?


Blaine Penny, co-founder of MitoCanada, is riding 1 km for every $10 donated to his ride. In 2021 he rode 440kms over 12.5 hours. Please support him with a pledge at

Looking for a fun indoor challenge that can improve your fitness and impact the health of people from coast-to-coast? Join the MitoSpin!

Taking place on Saturday, February 26th, from 8am – 1 pm MST, MitoCanada invites cycling enthusiasts, of all levels, from across this great, big, beautiful country to bring their energy, hearts and sweat. MitoSpin is a national, virtual challenge that brings you a new and inspiring world-class instructor every 30 minutes so you will enjoy every minute. Whether you join for one hour or all five, you’ll be part of an incredible community, have the opportunity to earn awesome incentive prizes, and, best of all, invest in your own health.

All proceeds help MitoCanada reach its goal of ensuring all lives are powered by healthy mitochondria. Present in essentially every cell in our bodies, mitochondria create that essential energy that keeps our hearts pumping, brains thinking and bodies moving. We all need to protect these tiny powerhouses that fuel our lives.