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BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Anderson, Massage Therapist; Sergio Gonzalez, Massage Therapist; Dr. Heather Pritchard, Chiropractor; Wendy Vial, Administrative Staff; Dr. Stephen Harris, Chiropractor. FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: June Maurais, Administrative Staff; Terri Anne Soukoroff, Massage Therapist; Dr. Naomi Ichii, Chiropractor; Dr. Richard Yoshimura, Chiropractor; Michaella Rezanoff, Acupuncturist; Stephanie Crawford, Administrative Staff. Photo: Graham McKerrell

Have you ever looked up the word ‘glow’? Literally, it means to be alert, refreshed, exuberant or high spirited – a feeling of well-being or happiness that comes from good health or intense emotion.

“Our clinic’s name is very meaningful to our whole team,” says Dr. Richard Yoshimura, co-founder of Glow Health & Vitality. “It literally describes the state we would like all of our clients to achieve through our care.”

“Life should not hurt!” says Dr. Yoshimura. “But when it does, the practitioners at Glow Health & Vitality can help relieve your pain and regain the energy and capacity to do what you want in life.”

But that’s not all the Glow team does, because, as Dr. Yoshimura and his practitioners will tell you, “There’s more to life than just ‘not being sick.’”

How about the athlete striving to achieve their personal best? Or children who need support to grow strong and healthy? What about ‘aging kids’ and their desires to enjoy activity and independence for years to come? Glow practitioners can help all of these people meet their goals.

“Above everything, the key to our success is that every member of the Glow team loves their work and the people we care for,” says Dr. Yoshimura. “It is the driving force that makes us the best at what we do.”

Patients turn to Glow Health & Vitality for pain relief, recovery from sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents, postural correction, headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, TMJ syndrome, disc herniations, prenatal care, postnatal care and whole family spinal care.

The services at Glow Health & Vitality include: gentle chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu, postural correction, active release, Graston, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, custom orthotics, and nutritional support.

Glow Health & Vitality

1128 – 10 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B6 • 587.353.4569
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