Finding the Perfect Space for Your Home Office

Shane Homes shares innovative ways to re-purpose areas of your home


The way we work and live has drastically changed since pandemic began. For many, the office is no longer a place that you drive to. Instead, it is a place that has taken hostage of your dining room table. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, our homes have turned into shared offices, combined with daycare centres. Doing your best to look like you’re handling it all with grace while on your 10th Zoom call of the day. Working from home can be a challenge when your workspace lacks structure and organization. Not having that separation between work and play can be mentally exhausting. Especially when you are staring at that work proposal you have yet to finish while cleaning the dishes after dinner.

We can all admit this past year has been challenging, but it has also opened a door of possibilities. One where we spend a little less time in our cars, and instead more time at home, and by extension, with our families. While working at home may not be a permanent, COVID has shown us that it is possible to do so. Creating a dedicated workspace allows you to compartmentalize your work and not have it spill over into your personal life. This in turn can raise your productivity levels and help leave your work ‘at the door’ so to speak.

So, why not create a home office that can support this? And the good news? You don’t need a whole room dedicated to this to make it happen.

Shane Homes - Eden Midtown Showhome
Eden Showhome in Midtown

Many homes out there have a small alcove at the base of the stairs. The photo above shows a desk situated in the niche of the Eden Showhome in Midtown. This desk is a built-in, but you could easily switch this out for a desk from IKEA or the like to create a similar effect. What’s most important is that this is a dedicated area for work. This ensures that the paperwork stays away from where you are eating your dinner.

Shane Homes
Vilano Showhome in Legacy.

There are other ways to get creative when it comes to a workspace too. In the Vilano Showhome in Legacy you can see that a corner in the bonus room is carved out as a workstation. Use a desk with upper storage like this one when you don’t have as much real estate to take up with a longer desk. Plus having a desk away from the main living area means less noise and more focus.

Shane Homes - Jaspur Showhome
Jaspur Showhome in Cornerstone

If you have a large enough space in your home to make a proper office, then go for it! Here in the Jaspur Showhome in Cornerstone you can see a lifestyle room on the main floor used as an office. Complete with pocket doors for privacy. You can add storage with a credenza or bookcase to keep files and supplies organized. Find a desk that has enough room for both your laptop and papers, a comfortable chair and you are set! For the décor of this office, neutral colours dominate to create a space that is distraction free.

Even those who struggle with organization can admit it feels better to work in an environment that is calm and serene. Where files, papers and supplies have their own home, in a space that is separate from everyday living. That space may only be a few feet away from those other daily tasks, but the mental separation can be a key to a productive work-at-home regime. The home office may not be a permanent staple for all households, but let’s do ourselves a favour and create a space that fosters positive mental and professional growth.

When you choose Shane Homes to build your home, you are getting so much more than a quality constructed home. Throughout your journey you will have a dedicated team to help you through the entire building process. From condos, to estate homes, and every style in between, Shane Homes has a floorplan, price, and community that’s just right for you. Find out more at

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