A New Portable Pull-Up Bar System Takes the Industry By Storm – The Duonamic Eleviia

Called by some as ‘The World’s Best Pull-up Bar”, the Duonamic Eleviia is a versatile, portable pull-up bar system that mounts quickly to any door frame allowing you to add pull-ups to your home gym or workout space without damaging any surfaces. This simple and brilliant design provides an easy way to perform exercises such as passive and active hanging, core strengthening, back and shoulder stretching and grip, back and shoulder strengthening.

Designed to withstand 250 lbs, the handles are easy to use and the unit can be installed on a doorframe in about 8 seconds. Compared to traditional doorway pull-up bars, Eleviia won’t slip and doesn’t need to be mechanically attached to a door frame. A spring holds it closed around the door trim. There is nothing to screw in – just take it out of the bag, put it on the door.

Calgary entrepreneurs, avid adventure seekers, and mechanical engineers, Taras Karpachevskyy, and Jack Yang are the brains behind Duonamic. While travelling on business, where Jack couldn’t do pull-ups in most of the hotel gyms, he realized the need for a portable unit. Taras was responsible for the design, engineering and web development, while Jack took care of product development, marketing and sales.

What It Is

The Eleviia is a portable doorway pull-up bar consisting of two door-clamps and suspended handles that are designed to fit into any standard door frame. There are couple of features that set the Eleviia apart from other similar products on the market.

  1. Eleviia is one of the safest pull-up bars on the market because of an integrated spiral spring that keeps it safely secured on your doorway.
  2. The handles are interchangeable, which allows you to attach other holds for specific grip training.
  3. The Eleviia is compact and lightweight so you can work out anywhere you have a door frame.
  4. It can be carried in a backpack or carry-on luggage so that you can take it with you anywhere!

In addition to the successful launch of the Eleviia, Duonamic has just launched a revolutionary grip strength trainer – developed by climbers for climbers – the Powrhold. When paired with the Eleviia, they are the most transportable finger trainer for climbing on the market. Take them travelling so that on your off days you can train in the hotel or take them to the crag and clip them into a hanger.

The design of this product began in 2018 where the hardest part was fine-tuning the texture to provide the right grip and without damaging the skin. After six different iterations, and  testing different glues and sands, it was ready for market this year with rave reviews.

Who Can Use It

Anyone who wants portable exercise equipment in their home, office, or when travelling that requires almost no space at all. “You don’t have to go out of your way to exercise. It’s right there, seconds away,” says Karpachevskyy.

Technical Background

Refining the original idea into a final product took some time. The first prototype was a quick-and-dirty aluminum and wood affair that clamped around the door like a pair of scissors. Its main purpose was to find out whether this type of attachment system could work.

The second major iteration was refining that scissor concept and trying to make it into something that could be mass produced. To safely support the load, they found that it needed a steel insert, which made it quite heavy. The scissor-like mechanism exerted a lot of force on the drywall – enough to dent it.

Then the idea came to put the rope directly through the shaft. This change made the arms experience less stress for the same load. This meant we meant they could do away with the steel insert and shed some weight. It also reduced the force exerted on the drywall, so it was no longer being dented. Finally, this change also made it possible to add an internal spring so the arms would close.

In the last prototype, the strength of the spring was increased, they added the green soft elastomer on the jaws to further protect wall surfaces and special rings to make the articulation of the arms smooth and precise.

Yang and Karpachevskyy continued to make design changes throughout the whole design process, even after the last prototype. In the end it came together perfectly.

Accolades: The Eleviia Doorway Pull-Up was Runner Up in the 2020 Made in Alberta Awards – Game & Leisure category.

For more information, visit duonamic.com.