Dr. Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD

Plastic & Dermatologic Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD

Dr. Jeffrey C. Dawes, MBA, MD, FRCSC

Jeffrey C. Dawes’ commitment to superb patient care shows in his attention to every microscopic detail. As a board-certified plastic and dermatologic surgeon, Dr. Dawes knows that paying attention to those details will produce the best results for his patients, whether through reconstructive or aesthetic procedures, including treatment for skin cancer, skin rejuvenation or cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. “People, generally speaking, are not really looking to stand out so much as they are just trying to fit in. To go shopping and not come home in tears because they can’t fit into things,” says Dr. Dawes, who takes great pride in helping people achieve their realistic goals by enhancing their natural appearance.

Dr. Dawes is one of only two plastic surgeons in Canada fellowship trained in Mohs micrographic surgery – the gold standard for elimination of skin cancer, where the cancer is removed while maximizing the amount of normal tissue left behind. In 2012, he founded the Calgary Mohs Surgery Centre (CMSC) and has since treated more than 5,000 patients. Dr. Dawes’ unique skill set allows him to provide one-stop-shop service to his patients by both removing their skin cancer and reconstructing the resultant defect – all within the same appointment. He also has a busy cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics practice. “For the fitness-minded, there seems to be a trend toward non-invasive procedures –particularly with respect to fat removal.” Coolsculpting is a procedure where fat cells are frozen and removed from the body naturally over time. Other common requests include injectables (botulinum toxin-A, dermal fillers), liposuction, surgery after significant weight loss, breast augmentation, breast lifts and for men – gynecomastia surgery, or surgery for the removal of male breast tissue, allowing men who suffer from the condition to achieve a more cut appearance.

Dr. Dawes has 17 years of postsecondary education with extensive surgical training in areas ranging from aesthetic surgery to major facial trauma, hand injuries, breast reconstruction and microsurgery. Patients can expect physical and psychological benefits from his expert treatment. His patients’ smiles, warms his heart too. “Every day my staff and I see people whose quality of life is improved through what we do. How awesome is that?”

Dr. Dawes can be reached at:
102 – 47 Sunpark Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2X 3V4
403.571.3141 – www.BeautifulNaturalYou.ca


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