Divergent Health Clinic

Dream team combines expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions

Divergent Health Clinic
Danny Truong RMT, RAPID Specialist; Abegail Bondoc Patient Coordinator; Dillon Abel Bkin, MSc Physiotherapy; Dr. Jason Nanda Clinical Director; Alejandra Pereira CPHR, Head of Public Relations; Missing in photograph: Dr. Tarn Athwal MD; Aman Gill LPN. Photo: Graham McKerrell

Many patients who visit Divergent Health Clinic arrive looking to it as a last resort.

And that’s exactly where the full-service, multi-disciplinary team excels, setting up programs to finally extricate patients from chronic pain or nagging injuries.

“We like to stay in the forefront of innovation and research. So, a lot of our protocols are evidence-based,” says chiropractor and clinical director, Dr. Jason Nanda.

“We work with a highly-educated team of doctors and practitioners with a combined history of more than 20 years experience.”

Divergent’s medical director, Dr. Tarn Athwal, takes on urgent cases and specializes in regenerative injection therapies which are effective for treating everything from tendinopathies to muscle sprains and strains, repetitive stress and postural injuries.

“It induces an acute response in the affected area which triggers the body to begin reconstruction of damaged tissue,” Nanda says.

A key treatment tool at Divergent, complementing a nurse, massage therapist, kinesiologist, exercise therapist and two doctors, is its collection of state-of-the-art technology.

It is the only clinic in Calgary, for instance, to offer Focal BTL Shockwave which is 100 times more powerful than traditional shockwaves and can be paired with ultrasound guidance to pinpoint the area of concern. 

Need help to resolve chronic pain or a long-standing injury? Do it now, Nanda says.

“Early treatment is critical in procuring an optimal prognosis and restoring function. The longer you wait, the more likely it will lead to a longer-term dysfunction and a chronic situation,” he says.

Left untreated, the body often goes into a protective state which is helpful in the short-term but leads to loss of functionality and a chronic cycle which can be tough to break.

“It’s our job to create as much controlled disruption to the affected area as we can to get it out of its protective, chronic state and back into a more acute regenerative phase. Sometimes the damage is so deep that you are unable to create disruption manually and that’s where our technology comes into play,” Nanda says.

“We have a reputation of making our patients happy and getting them back to doing the things they love.” 

Divergent Health Clinic

240 – 8835 Macleod Trail S, Calgary, AB T2H 0M2
Instagram: divergenthealth Facebook: divergenthealth

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