Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center

Pushing past plateaus that take people away from their lives

Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center
Photo: Ronald Lee

Sometimes it is a quick fix. Other times it takes hard work.

The team at Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center always partners with patients to address whatever brings them in – giving them a key role in making progress happen.

“It takes hard work to get better,” says owner, David Balfour.

It’s something Balfour can relate to after recovering from a head-on collision which left him undergoing nearly two dozen surgeries and enduring years of therapy which included him learning to walk again.

“I’m an empathetic ear,” he says. “I like when I am able to see patients make progress in their recovery, to become pain free, stronger and back to their previous activities.”

Balfour also knows what he was missing in his treatment plan as he struggled through those difficult days, vowing to create a place where patients would get the type of care they need under one roof.

Clayton Heights, which opened with one part-time physiotherapist more than a decade ago, now has 21 practitioners including massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists and Chinese medicine practitioners.

They each have impressive resumes and unique areas of interest – physiotherapists specializing in pediatrics and geriatrics to sports injuries, hand therapy, concussions and strokes as well as a yoga instructor, weightlifting coach and professional soccer player among their therapists.

To say the team is diverse is an understatement.

But Balfour says that’s what makes the clinic work.

Instead of simply booking patients in, the goal is to assign them to the ideal practitioner who will deliver one-on-one care.

“It’s not a generic treatment plan for everybody,” he says.

And it’s not just one therapeutic approach, either.

“When I was going through my recovery, it wasn’t one modality or treatment that worked. It was a combination of treatments that helped me get better faster,” Balfour says.

“We are known as a clinic to come to when your treatments aren’t working. If you are plateaued and only treating symptoms you won’t get better. Treating the root cause is necessary.”

Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center

105 – 18640 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V3S 7Y4
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