Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

The top sleep-medicine team and full-service sleep centre in Canada

Centre for Sleep and Human Performance
LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Joseph Askin, M.D., F.C.F.P., Somnologist (ESRS); Dr. Charles Samuels, M.D., CCFP, DABSM; Dr. Robert Cohen, M.D., CCFP, Somnologist (ESRS). Photo: Katy Whitt

Sleep is key to good health, weight control and a stable mood,” says Dr. Charles Samuels, founder and medical director of Calgary’s Centre for Sleep & Human Performance. “And anyone who has a sleep problem that is affecting their daily life or their athletic goals can benefit by seeing a sleep medicine professional.”

Samuels has built and refined the best sleep medicine team and full-service sleep centre in Canada. Through his clinic he offers easy access and continuity of care to patients dealing with a variety of sleep issues.

He and his associates, Dr. Joseph Askin and Dr. Robert Cohen are family physicians with designations in sleep medicine and international accreditation as sleep specialists. They work together with the clinic’s nurses, respiratory technologists, and naturopaths to assess and diagnose patients and provide them with personalized treatment programs.

The Centre for Sleep & Human Performance is the only sleep medicine facility in Canada that has expertise in managing sleep issues relative to training and recovery in athletes. The clinic has received funding from Own the Podium and the Canadian Olympic Committee for almost 15 years to continue its research in this field.

Dr. Samuels’ diverse background in adventure travel, sport- and rural-medicine led to his keen interest in human performance in challenging environments. This led him to explore the role of sleep and rest in recovery and human performance, which drove his desire and interest in developing his specialty.

He launched the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance in 2002 focusing on clinical evaluation of sleep disorders, shift-work sleep disturbance, the relationship of sleep to obesity, and sleep in elite athletes. The centre moved to its current location in 2006, with an expanded facility that included a full service diagnostic sleep laboratory.

Anyone 15 years and older can access the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance – with or without a physician’s referral – by downloading the self-referral appointment request form on the clinic’s website: www.centreforsleep.com.

Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

Suite 106, 51 Sunpark Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2X 3V4
www.centreforsleep.com • 403.254.6663
Twitter @CentreforSleep


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