The perfect home for your adventures in the Columbia Valley

Sometimes the choices you are faced with in Invermere, B.C. can be daunting. Shall I golf or ski today? Do I need a beach day or will it be hot springs? Thankfully, there are seven days in a week and in the Columbia Valley you will always have a satisfying option to keep you active and feeling alive. But the piéce de résistance would be a home in CastleRock, a stunning 306-acre paradise on the southwest corner of town overlooking Lake Windermere, just three hours west of Calgary.

“I live here and I love it. The climate in Invermere is amazing,” says Mark Jakos, Director of Sales and Marketing at CastleRock. “If you love the outdoors, this town is simply fantastic. We typically golf from mid-March to the end of October and there are days when you can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.”

Residents have convenient access to enjoy water sports in one of the Kootenays’ warmest lakes. Construction has also begun on the Westside Legacy Trail, a 25K multi-use-recreational trail that starts in CastleRock that will connect Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. There are nine golf courses within a 20-minute drive of CastleRock.

Numerous ski resorts surround the town, including Panorama Mountain Resort. In the winter, CastleRock residents have convenient access to the Lake Windermere Whiteway – a 34K groomed trail that circles Lake Windermere.Cross-country skiing, skating and ice-fishing take place on the lake.

To ensure the area remains beautiful for everybody, nearly 25 per cent of the development’s total area has been set aside for a network of walking trails, natural open space, picnic areas and parks, including a waterfall.

“CastleRock has choices for everyone,” says Mark. “The development includes multi-unit, single-family homes and single family lots. Our next phase will include acreage lots, more multi-unit homes and cabin-style homes.” Future phase cabins and multi-unit homes will start in the mid-$300’s.

Start your visit at then start making choices. Golf or ski? Beach or hot springs? Acreage or multi-family home? Oh, choices …


4254 Castlestone Blvd.
Invermere, BC V0A 1K6

P. 250.342.3313

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