Veronica Palin likes nothing better than to roll up her sleeves and help her clients move. “Many may not have the resources to move themselves and so I am happy to help; it’s a physical activity and I am fortunate to have the strength to do it,” says the Calgary realtor who has worked in real estate for 15 years. She has also been strength training for over a decade and finds it complements her busy work schedule.

Canada's Top Fitness Trainer Michelle Rowe and Calgary realtor Veronica Palin
Photo: Katy Whitt

Before the pandemic closed gyms in December, she worked out three times a week with her personal trainer of 11 years, Melissa Rowe at the Riverside Club. She also took up yoga a year ago. “The main reason I committed to three days a week is I found it to be the greatest benefit for my mental health” she says. “Of all the things you can do for mental health, exercise is the most effective.”

Rowe has noticed a difference in Palin over the years. “She decided to make her workouts a priority and she has become stronger mentally and physically and has a very positive attitude.” Palin worked out with a small group of three women which Rowe said gave her a sense of community. “She could network at the same time and build relationships with them.”

With the club closed she continued her fitness regimen following Rowe’s workouts on line, but she has also started skating and going for long walks with friends. She likes to structure her days between work and being active. “I feel I have found the balance and that I can get a lot done in the day.”

Real estate can be challenging, juggling buyer demands and often requiring to work evenings and weekends, but it can also be stressful for the buyer which is where Palin can help and be a supportive and calming influence. Being fit mentally and physically is definitely an advantage, she says. She can also empathize with her clients.

“I’m aware of the stress and mental health of people when deciding to buy or sell. Planning and having a conversation with a realtor far in advance of that decision helps prepare a seller for the “right time” to list their property.”

Calgary Realtors Veronica Palin and her son Michael Palin
Photo: Katy Whitt

Her work ethic is shared by her son Michael and as Team Palin with First Place Realty, they are a formidable and dynamic duo. Like mother, like son, Michael also values his health and fitness. A realtor since 2009, he started swimming competitively at a young age and pre-Covid enjoyed swimming 20 kilometres per week as well as lifting weights.  When swimming pools closed in March 2020, he transitioned to running. Although it isn’t the same full body workout, he now runs six to ten kilometres daily with a goal of running the Glenmore Reservoir weekly starting this spring. “Being active really helps me with my day. I may start the day with a run or if I can’t then I look forward to one at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset.”

Palin sees a bright future in 2021 with real estate sales picking up. “We expect an influx of new homes to come on the market in spring so it is important to have the conversation with realtors earlier in the process.  With interest rates low, buyers will act quickly before rates may increase.”  Palin understands client needs and has the integrity to work with them and guide them through the decision-making progress. “Team Palin will give you honest, straightforward answers – you can count on us.”

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