Ascent Health & Sport Therapy

Empowering resilient lives that conquer mountains

Ascent Health & Sport Therapy
Ricki Fisher, Clinic Owner; Dr. Scott Fisher, DC, Clinic Owner; Additional Ascent practitioners include: Dr. Roger Menta, DC; Dr, Ryan Boyd, DC; Dr Zach Morcom, DC; Helen Lo, PT; Jessie Dalton, PT; Chelsea Darrach, PT; Hamilton Cordeiro, RMT; Samantha March, RMT; Kristine Karlsen, RMT. Photo: Graham McKerrell

What’s your mountain? It’s a figurative question posed to patients at Ascent Health & Sport Therapy as a motivational approach to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Regardless of their age or specific objective – whether it is to get rid of pain, improve mobility or, literally, climb a mountain – the /Ascent /Approach is the same.

“Patients are putting a lot of trust in us and we want to make sure what we are providing them is both comprehensive and the best (care) possible,” Ascent’s clinical director, Dr. Scott Fisher says.

Fisher says Ascent breaks the mould when it comes to treatment. Appointments are longer than industry standard and every aspect of care, including where it is delivered, is part of the tailored plan.

“We believe people are affected by the physical space around them,” says administrative director, Ricki Fisher. Every detail of the northwest boutique sports therapy clinic is designed to create a high-end and welcoming experience.

“From the moment patients are trying to book to the moment they are leaving, we want it to be a well-curated experience.” A diverse team, which includes chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists and on-site strength and conditioning coaches, guides patients through and beyond issues which brought them to Ascent.

“People typically come in because there is an injury or pain that is keeping them from doing what they want to do,” says Scott Fisher.

“Our approach is a break from the status quo of traditional physio and chiropractic treatment. We focus a lot on movement and active care. Yes, we make people feel better and get out of pain but more importantly we give them the tools they can incorporate into their own routines to help build injury and lifestyle resiliency. We don’t just get them back to where they were but give them the tools to progress and become stronger.”

Ascent also specializes in concussion management, pelvic health and Functional Range Systems, and is home to one of Calgary’s few Sports Specialist Chiropractors, Dr. Roger Menta.

Sky-high expectations? No problem, the team of experts at Ascent wants to meet and exceed them.

Ascent Health & Sport Therapy

1904 – 20 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2M 1H5
Instagram: ascent_healthFacebook: ascenthealthandsporttherapy

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