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Aeon Future Health
Lisa Krzyzewski, Founder. Photo: Graham McKerrell

Lisa Krzyzewski suffered with migraines for years. And she endured months waiting to get into a pain clinic and many more going from one pharmaceutical treatment of symptoms to another – all with little relief for the chronic, agonizing episodes.

The Calgarian knows what it is to want other choices.

As the founder of Aeon Future Health, she is bringing both hope and biohacking – the process of using leading-edge technology, science and other tools to improve your biology and become the best version of yourself – to clients looking for proven alternatives to compliment traditional medicine.

Aeon is the first Canadian facility to offer a comprehensive package of leading-edge, evidence-based, high-tech options for clients to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Its medical staff, including naturopathic doctors with an integrative anti-aging medicine focus, work on fitness, pain and regeneration, sleep and stress management as well as longevity and optimization.

“Our mission is to measurably reverse your biological clock, leaving you feeling and performing at your best, now and into the future,” Krzyzewski says.

She says it can take decades for “well-established, research-based technology to become part of the conventional system” but some people don’t want to wait to access that kind of edge.

Now, they don’t have to.

Cutting-edge technology and innovation many high-performing athletes take for granted is available to clients including a red light bed for anti-aging, automated lymphatic drainage and treatments in the IV lounge customized by naturopathic doctors to reduce inflammation, boost immunity or manage stress.

A stationary bicycle and strength machine in Aeon’s gym are specially designed and powered by artificial intelligence to collect and retain a user’s biometrics to then personalize workout intensity making sessions shorter and more efficient.

Aeon opened in September 2020 but is already attracting a fanbase. Three-time Olympian, Michael Smith is one of them.

 “As an Olympic athlete, I was always on the leading, bleeding edge of safe and natural ways to enhance my day-to-day training and competition,” says the decathlete.

“I spent tens of thousands of dollars 20-plus years ago and I am excited to see similar world-class modalities and technologies available to any and all high performers at a fraction of the cost at Aeon Future Health.” 

Aeon Future Health

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