From early morning workouts to afternoon meetings, life moves at a fast pace. But that doesn’t mean you always have to be playing catch up. With the Galaxy Watch4 Series, staying on top of your day is now easy. Automatic workout tracking, advanced run coaching and group challenges will give you the motivation you need to prioritize your wellness while Google app integration and call-text notification connectivity will help you manage all of your to-dos. And that’s not all: the watch’s functional style and endless customization options through watch bands and displays mean you will look and feel good – no matter what the day brings.

Galaxy Keeps You On Track

For many people, keeping track of the distance they ran or the calories they burned while exercising is a powerful motivator to push harder. If you’re the tracking type but find it difficult to remember to press start to record a workout, the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic have got you covered. These intuitive watches automatically detect six types of movement – from running to rowing – after only three minutes of activity. Like to switch up your workouts? The Galaxy Watch4 Series allows you to manually track up to 90 different workouts, such as HIIT or even swimming.[1]  

If you thrive on a bit of friendly competition, you’ll love that the Galaxy Watch4 series has the ability to connect to live coaching sessions and group challenges through your Samsung Health app. Through the Galaxy ecosystem, the smartwatch seamlessly connects to your other devices. Tune into coaching sessions with ease using the Galaxy Buds[2] , which feature Active Noise Cancellation so you can stay in the zone.  See all the workout options on the Samsung Health app, pick your playlist using your Galaxy S22 Ultra[3] and shuffle between tracks using your Galaxy Watch4. You will also be able to track the progress you’re making on your smartphone using the Samsung Health App, including interval times, daily steps, heart rate and more. 

Reach Your Goals

Samsung has also added new technology to its Galaxy Watch4 Series smartwatches that analyze body composition,[4] giving users more insight into their wellness progress. This tool reads your basal metabolic rate and your body’s ratio of water, fat and muscle in just 15 seconds. You can also set body composition goals to help you reach a specific weight, body fat percentage, or skeletal muscle target. Your wellness can be monitored from your Galaxy S22[5] Ultra using the Samsung Health app which will send you tips and reminder notifications for added motivation. You will have a ton of insights at your fingertips, so you can work to reach specific goals from sleep patterns to your basal metabolic rate.

Fashion Meets Function 

Look great while crushing your day with the sleek, lightweight and customizable Galaxy Watch4 Series. Both stylish and comfortable, this watch can be tailored to match your mood, thanks to its large selection of curated faces and finishes. You can even build your own unique Galaxy Watch4 Series with more than 500 potential combinations[6] of colours, sizes and strap styles available in the Bespoke Studio. You also have different strap fabric options, so you can choose a more breathable strap for the gym and then swap it out for a leather one before your next business meeting. Show your personal style with a variety of different watch faces or use a custom wallpaper. Be the trendiest person at your gym with a matching watch and workout clothing. 

Galaxy Watch4 Classic starts at $459.99 (Bluetooth, regular price) and $529.99 (LTE) and comes in 42mm (Black or Silver) and 46mm (Black). Galaxy Watch4 starts at $329.99 (Bluetooth) and $399.99 (LTE, regular price) and comes in 40mm (Black, Silver or Pink Gold) and 44mm (Black, Silver or Green). Visit for more info.

1 Galaxy Watch4 is 5ATM certified and has a water-resistance rating of 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010. It is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities. If the device or your hands are wet, they must be dried thoroughly prior to handling. 
2 Galaxy Buds2 sold separately.
3 Galaxy S22 Ultra sold separately.
4 The Samsung BIA is a body analyzer that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to track body composition based on weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle, body water, and basal metabolic rate (BMR) measurements.  This feature and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. If you have any questions about the Samsung BIA or a medical condition, contact a medical professional. Availability of this feature may vary by market.
5 Galaxy S22 Ultra sold separately.
6 The number of combinations available may vary depending on the country or region in which the Galaxy Watch Design Studio is available.

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