A New Canadian Senior Fitness Certification Option

StrongerU Senior Fitness

Over the last two decades, the pre-choreographed group fitness format has been gaining popularity in Gyms and Fitness Centers around the world through companies such as Les Mills, Zumba, SoulBody Barre and more. These pre-choreographed formats are known for their quality and effectiveness. Pre-choreographed certifications provide instructors with all the materials they need  to run high quality classes. Now with the launch of StrongerU Senior Fitness, instructors and seniors can benefit from this high quality format. StrongerU Senior Fitness is Canada’s first pre-choreographed Senior Fitness Series offering online certification and monthly class content in 4 program types Cardio, Strength, Stretch and Circuit.

The journey to becoming a StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor begins by completing their online certification. In the first half of the course, students learn important exercise science topics such as anatomy and physiology. In the second half of the course, the content focuses on learning, coaching and executing the StrongerU Senior Fitness Program.

The last learning module provides students with their first 30-minutes of program content. There are no boring repetitions in StrongerU Senior Fitness, instead each track features interesting movement patterns designed to challenge the body and brain. To become fully certified, students submit a practical video teaching 30-minutes of the StrongerU Senior Fitness Program. Once fully certified, subscription to the StrongerU Senior Fitness Series provides instructors with a new 30-minute class each month which can be combined to create 45 and 60 minute programs.

By 2030, there will be over 9.5 million seniors in Canada. There is a need for qualified and dynamic instructors to work with this population. With StrongerU Senior Fitness, instructors set their own hours, rates, and join a community of passionate individuals who aim to help seniors maintain or improve their current level of fitness.

StrongerU Senior Fitness

Learn more at strongeruseniorfitness.com and use promo code “Impact” to save $50 on the StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor Certification.

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