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Publisher’s Statement:
I have just returned from Barcelona, Spain, and witnessed how rapidly things can change in the world. Literally within a day, within an hour, within minutes. Prior to leaving, our annual Running Issue had gone to press, and was in distribution days later. A week later, everything in the world started to change quickly, including here at home. Our biggest issue of the year is now out to inspire our readers. At the same time many of our races have been forced to postpone, cancel, or change their course of action to a virtual event. Our health clubs and studios are slowly closing their doors, one by one, until further notice, and presenting online options to exercise at home.

This is going to be a painful process for all of us as the immediate future for our businesses and employees is very uncertain. Many of us are independent business owners, and now is the time to help each other. We are developing the best ways to support both our clients and our readers during this difficult time.

We have shifted some of our distribution to include more locations such as grocery stores and health food stores, where we know readers will have regular access.

To support our clients from race advertisers, fitness clubs/studios and retail outlets, to the health & medical industry, we are developing a new online page where we will be providing regular status updates on events and operations. We will be in touch with you in the upcoming days to gather your updates, and we encourage you to contact us with any information that we can get out for you regularly by email and social media.

Virtual Conference Mastermind Meetings: We will be hosting virtual industry meetings with our peers in the upcoming weeks. Prior to these meetings we will send invites and dates for each sector (such as events, fitness industry, health & medical, retailers, suppliers, food, tourism, etc.) so that we can work together to navigate the upcoming months.

We are very grateful for the relationships and partnerships we have developed with you over the years. We intend to continue supporting all of you in our fitness and sports community – one that we have so passionately built together.

Above all, follow all necessary measures to stay healthy.

Elaine Kupser, Publisher
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P.S. Because of our recent trip, I am self-isolating, and the IMPACT Team is working from home offices, but available via email, social and telephone.

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