Pets & Pot

Owners should beware of the risk.

Pets and Pot

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) has issued a public release warning about treating companion animals with cannabinoids to improve their health. They are cautioning owners to contact professional counsel regarding any form of treatment due to the lack of research and the broad array of reactions animals may have to any form of cannabis applications.

There are currently many cannabinoid products for pets, but Health Canada has yet to approve any for the commercial market. Instead, they have sanctioned clinical trials to study the therapeutic implications of medical cannabinoids for pets. “We are encouraged by the measured approach taken by Health Canada,” says Dr. Darrell Dalton, ABVMA’s Registrar. “It’s in the best interest of pet owners, companion animals and veterinary professionals to have legislative framework that supports industry bringing safe, efficacious, non-psychoactive products to the market that vets can prescribe with confidence.”