One Hot Summer

Celebrate Canada with 12 hot activities to get you outdoors

Photo: Paul Zizka

There are many ways to celebrate our nation’s 150th anniversary. IMPACT talked to some awesome Canadians to get their takes on great fitness activities that feel amazing under the heat of the summer sun.

1. Scrambling/Hiking

‘You can’t lose when going out to the mountains for some hiking or scrambling. Worst-case scenario, you get good exercise out of it but when conditions are ideal, you also go home with a memorable experience and an opportunity to document the beauty of high places.’


Paul Zizka, Adventure photographer based in Banff, Alta.

2. Sailing

‘Sailing is truly a full body, physical workout; there is no better way to build endurance and work your core than to feel the wind in your hair while sailing across the open water.’


Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director, Ontario Sailing


3. Climbing

‘Climbing is one of the rare vertical sports; it is instinctual, whenever there is a summit in nature, everyone wants to get to the top!’


Sean McColl, professional rock climber from Vancouver and Olympic hopeful.

4. Cycling

‘Bicycles can take you to so many amazing places and you actually get to see and experience the world while getting there, because you are not rushing by in a vehicle. Cycling is such a satisfying way to stay fit.’


Jenny Feaver, Calgary cyclist out to complete the 5,000K TransAm Bike Race this summer.

5. Surfing

‘Surfing in Canada’s waters such as the Great Lakes requires a combination of fitness and know how, but also a lot of passion and respect for the outdoors.’


James Carrick, O’Neil’s Great Lake Surfing Ambassador and advocate for Great Lake Surfers.

6. Backpacking

‘Backpacking is an excellent way to stay active. There is an almost intangible feeling that stems from always being on the move in nature: it is exciting and thought-provoking and constantly presents new challenges.’

Edmonton’s Sarah Jackson, who backpacked 12,000K, coast to coast across the Trans Canada Trail.

7. Kayaking

‘Kayaking lets you reconnect with your Canadian roots while finding peace in the outdoors. On a hot day, it is refreshing to have a splash of glacial water to cool you down while taking in the beautiful mountain scenery.’


Haley Daniels, Canoe Kayak Canada athlete based in Canmore and Tokyo 2020 Olympic hopeful.

8. Outdoor Bootcamps

‘There is nothing more quintessentially Canadian than exercise in the Great Outdoors. Hearts pounding, sweat pouring, lungs pumping, push-ups, power jumps, squats, lunges and medicine ball throws are somewhat more palatable when performed in the shadow of spectacular scenery.’


Pete Estabrooks, The Fitness Guy, Calgary personal trainer.

9. Paddle boarding

‘The freedom stand up paddling offers is why it is so enjoyed — to simply be able to grab a board, paddle and be gliding across the water all while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature truly brings one to their happy place.’

Paddle Boarding

Kristy Wright Schell of Stand Up Paddle Vancouver.

10. Mom & Baby Workouts

‘The natural environment and exposure to views of nature have greater diverse objects of interest that nourish and replenish attention and improve focus, helping to reduce stress and fatigue for both mom and baby!’

Mom & Baby Workouts

Andrea Grace, President of Mommy and Baby Fitness in Toronto.

11. White Water Rafting

‘Adrenaline pumping, icy cool face wash, views like no other, new friends and sore cheeks from smiling all day; just a few of the reasons why rafting is such an awesome summer sport!’


Lucinda Noronha and Jamie Vandrunen of Glacier Raft Company in Golden, B.C.

12. Park Workouts

‘The great thing about outdoor training is that you don’t really need equipment; something as simple as a park bench can provide an amazing opportunity for a full body conditioning circuit, allowing you to re-energize your workout routine and ramp up your performance!’

Brent Bishop

Brent Bishop, Fitness expert and celebrity trainer in Toronto.

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