Is your Smartphone a Pain in the Neck?


If you suffer from chronic neck stiffness, back pain, shoulder tension and headaches, the root cause may be as close as your smartphone. Tech Neck (or Text Neck) is a clinical syndrome often contributing to a hump in the upper back of sufferers. Whether you spend hours doing computer work, geeking over games or staring down social media apps on your phone, Tech Neck can lead to premature and permanent degenerative disc damage and joint disease of the spine.

Biomechanics researchers have shown that 60 degrees of forward neck tilt (common in texting) translates up to a 500 per cent increase in forces on the neck and upper spine. Day in and day out, that’s a huge amount of added wear and tear to the neck, especially in children.

Warning signs of tech neck

  • Chronic pain or stiffness in the spine
  • Recurring stiff neck, especially in the mornings
  • Occasional or low grade neck/back pain
  • Regular grinding sensation in the spine
  • History of spinal injury such as whiplash

Fight back by straightening up your posture and using ideal ergonomics. Hold your phone close to eye level. Avoid prolonged use of tech devices.


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